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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lows & Highs

Just a quick update on my progress in the EPT. With 1 1/2 hours left of the first day I was sitting on 3000 chips. I pushed in with J9 after 3 limpers, blinds were 200/400. The BB called with QQ and I hit a miracle straight on the river to double up. I doubled up again against Willie Tann with 88 vs AK, 8 on the flop. Then I more than doubled up when I was the 4th caller of a raise holding 76 hearts. Flop 773 two clubs. I bet out and was reraised - flush draw! I call he misses - 33,000. Next call a raise with 77 hit a seven on the flop but 2 diamonds. Bet half the pot by mistake, he calls. Third diamond ! I move in as if he calls I am getting 3:1 and will bust him. Board pairs - Bingo ! All day I had played good hans and missed the flop - I definately would be rather lucky than good ! I finish the day with 55,000, above average. About 112 left out of 245.

Thanks to Brad 'Otis' Willis, the Pokerstars blogger, for letting me use his laptop to write this.

Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow !