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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ouch !

My head hurts !

Last night I ventured down to a local pub called Foley's for a NL Holdem shootout. Apologies for any slllurred words as I had far too many pints of the black stuff. If I remember correctly it went something like this:

64 man shootout - €50 entry. Half the proceeds go to a local cancer charity. It is organised by Benny and it is sold out in advance. I have only ever been in this pub for lunch on a Sunday so I wasn't expecting to know anyone. I wander in just before 9 and order my first of many drinks. There is already a buzz about the place. It is the first event of this size held here, you can get a friendly sit and go most nights ( no rake - Mr Plod ). I had a Pokerstars jacket in a bag for the raffle and nothing else on my person to identify myself as a player. I start to drink my guinness and start hearing people talking about some hotshot from the World poker tour who is coming to play ! I step about outside for a smoke and a group of other smokers are talking about me !
"That would be me then.." I offered and from then on I spend the rest of the night ith a target on my head. Everyone was very friendly and I tried to tell them I did not have much of an edge in this type of competition.

I met Benny and he took me up to look at the set up. I was impressed by the way he had organised the tournament. Downstairs was a list of each table's players and upstairs where the contest everything was ready to go. 5000 chips each, a card shuffler on each table to mix up the new decks, namecards in each seat, local rules in each seat and 4 fold out octagagonal table tops to play on. There was a bar upstairs and Benny and a barmaid provided table service. No room for spectators so when you bust you leave the room. A quick run through of the rules from Benny over the PA and we are off.

Blinds start at 50/100 and double every 15 mins. Thats right they double all the way - 100,200 then 200/400 - 400/800 - 800/1600 - 1600/3200. Thats as far as it got, I ended up heads up with Red who had played well and who also had AA twice which helps in a structure like this ! I had a slight lead but moved in with 68o and was called by 98 which stood up ! I can't remember the last hand but I lost it anyway.

Sandwiches and more guinness and a couple of €10 games later I find myself staggering home in the early hours. I won one and second in the other made me evens for the night cashwise and I made a few new friends. In the game I came second I had my Aces cracked by K6 when in a big heads up lead and then A10 beaten by A6 suited finished me off !

All in all it was a god fun night, next time though I suggest they slow the structure a little and start earlier for a proper result. I will be back sometime for more guinness and sit and go's - I find they mix well !