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Friday, February 18, 2005

Patience, Timing and a bit of luck

Just a quick post as I don't have too much time.

I started on 55000 but was down to 13000 after four levels. This was mainly due to no cards and also having 3 All in or nothing Scandinavians to my left. I kept from busting by reraising Willie Tann a few times. I then moved in from the small blind with AJ and was in a race against the BB's pocket 8's. Two Aces and a Jack saw me double up. I also doubled up with AQ vs A10.

Just before the bubble I doubled up again thanks to 'Mr loose' Sam Orams. I had been waiting for a spot to catch him out and on a flop of 457 and I have 67 he called my All in with A2 ? Thankyou very much.

Once we were in the money players dropped quite quickly. I double up again vs John Gale in an battle of the blinds. All in after a K high flop, I have K9 he has K6 and the 9 played. Early I had got away with a monstrous error against John. In another blind battle pot the flop comes down with two spades. I am down to 40000 and there was 12000 or so in the pot. After he checks I move in with 52 of spades - Or was it ? Oops, after he folded I re-checked ny hand and the 2 was a diamond ! Almost 'The Hammer'.

The last interesting pot was vs Keith 'The Camel' Hawkins. He limped UTG and I made up the blinds with Q9. AA or KK is my immediate read on him. Flop QQ7 Two clubs. I check, he bets 16000, I raise to 32000, he calls. Turn J of clubs. I check qnd true to form the aggressive Camel bets 40000. I know I am ahead here, one of the few times I am really confident about my read but I am worried about the A or K of clubs so I move in for my last 110,000. It didn't take him long to fold. I want a bit of respect from him so I show him the Q. He said he had KK with the K of clubs.

So end of day there are 18 left. 3600 gtd now and I am third in chips with 246,000. Bob Coombes has 350,000 and Patrick something has 254,000. we are all on the same table with The Camel not too far away with 180000.

Today we start at 2pm local time and will play down to the TV table of 8. Blinds are 5000/10000 with a 1000 ante. Should be interesting !

Stay Lucky

Ps.3 Apologies for any spelling mistakes - French keyboards are weird !