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Monday, February 07, 2005

Quick on the draw

Just back in from playing in a 5 Card draw poker classic in aid of one of the local Gaelic football clubs. These are not something I usually play in and due to the payout of about 33% of the take, they are not something I am going to play in more either. However I was on a freeroll as one of Catherine's friends had won the €100 ticket in a raffle and asked me to play it for him.

Almost 200 people turned up to play and they were paying out €3000 for 1st, €1000 for 2nd, €800 for third and €600 for 4th. 5th-8th got €400 and 9th-14th got €150. This is a total payout of €7900 and entry fees added up to well over €24,000 including rebuys and top ups. However it is for a good cause so no complaints, just not great value for serious players - of which there seemed to be many who play up to 4 of these a week. Would love to see their return on investment figures !

The structure was rather strange as you started with €1000 and a started dealing for 50. The levels went up fairly swiftly and soon we were dealing for 500. Initialy a rebuy got you €1000 but when it got to €500 deals you got €2000. When we reached dealing for €1000 you could add on for €10,000. All rebuys and the top up cost only €10 ! I busted twice just before the top up and rebought as with the top up it levelled everyone out again.

From there I manged to make the final 8 without winning many big pots, but getting enough small ones to survive. I had the second least chips when the final table started and when it was down to 5 I had the smallest stack of monopoly money. On the hand before I had to put my last 60,000 in to deal I opened with 8855x and got 3 callers. I drew nothing extra and a drunk guy opened the betting and the two others folded and my two pair was good. Next hand I got 6644x. It was opened and with the drunk guy calling as well I put the 80,000 in and drew a K which still left me with two pair. The drubk guy opened the betting again after the draw. If I called it would leave me with 70,000 and he had 60,000 left in front of him. He had been unsuccessfully bluffing all night so I put him All in and he called with a pair of Jacks ! That was it as when it gets to 4 players in these events a money count is done and the placings decided. It turned out that i had moved from last to 2nd in two hands and left with a nice €1000 to split with my backer ! Not bad for my first sponsored entry !