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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Should never have critisised luck !

In my last post I attempted very feebly to argue the case for skill in poker. I take it all back, it is all luck !

Hopefully now I have admitted that, I will be looked down upon favourably by lady luck. The last two MTT I have got through more than half the field and when it really matters have gone in as a massive favourite against only one player and both times been outdrawn to the kicker! AK vs AQ and K10 vs K3. Not so much of a favourite but the other tournament I have played since posting my AK was cracked by someone calling with Q9o !

The AK vs AQ was most annoying as two hands previoulsy I had lost most of my chips with KK vs A5 !

I repeat again in case she wasn't listening..... ITS ALL LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!