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Monday, February 14, 2005

Thanks ... all those who have wished me luck for France. It is much appreciated. As far as Stan James are concerned I do not stand a chance ! I was looking through the odds and they have people listed at upto 200:1 but my name doesn't seem to be there - It must be a mistake. Maybe they will sponsor me when I win it and save them paying out anything on the event !

I am all set to go after a profitable week on the poker front. About $1300 up for the week which gives me a bit of money to enter some of the smaller events. The only disappointment poker wise this week was not making the money in the boards tournament although I did manage a creditable 5th to follow my 7th last week. The critical hand for me has been discussed in the comments section of my last post so I won't go into detail apart from congratulating Oscar for taking all my chips to go on and win the thing. I did however successfully wield THE HAMMER twice and also after seeing Oscar misplay 92o, I showed him how it should be done a few hands later - raise preflop and check raise on the turn !

For any Irish players who need poker chips I have some sets coming into stock which will be reasonably priced. €50 for a set of 300 11.5g with case, cards & dice. €25 for a set of 200 lesser quality chips in a tin with green felt and chip rack. Anybody interested email me and I will get you more details when I am back from France.

Internet connection allowing there should be plenty of updates here letting you know how I am doing.

Stay Lucky,