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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Two out of three ain't bad II

Last night saw my first Friday game of 2005. Ten of the regular players and a new blind structure mirroring the one used in the Bahamas for the STT. The ten where Sean Paul, Deco, Sean Snr, Peter, Joe, Kev, Steve-o, myself, Gerry & his brother Brendan.

In the first game I went into an early chip lead with a few medium hands that got paid at the river. I was cruising until with 5 left the cards went from playable mediocre to absolute muck. By this time the blinds were up to 300/600 with a 75 ante and the shorter stacks were going All in often. Joe was up and down like a yoyo. At one point he was down to about 500 but kept htting cards and with 4 left I found AJ on the button and moved in for about 4k into a 1k pot. There was Joe with KK and I bubbled nicely ! Sean Snr finished 3rd and the Sean Paul beat Joe in a short heads up battle.

The next game only reached 100/200 with 25 ante as Gerry was hitting cards and knocking everyone out. As with the first game I had the initial lead but was quickly overtaken as he busted almost everyone. I kept my position as second in chips when I made a good call against Sean Paul when he moved in on the river. The hand went like this:

Blinds were 50/100:

I raise from mid position to 300 with pocket sevens.
Sean Paul raises to 600 on the button.
Gerry calls from the blind.
Flop Q103 rainbow.
Checked all around.
Turn Q.
Checked to Sean Paul who bets 600 into 1900 pot.
Gerry folds, I call.
Turn 9.
I check, Sean Paul moves in for 1100.

I have 3600, starting chips were 2500. I put Sean Paul on AK at the start of the hand. I think if he had a big pair he would have raised more to tempt me to come back over the top. It is confirmed when he checks the flop. I view the bet on the turn as a weak attempt to represent the Queen. When he moves in, he thinks I can only call with a Q which he obviously thinks I don't have. It can only be a bluff as if he wanted a call he would have bet smaller. So I call and am spot on for a change.

Final three - Deco shortstacked with about 1200, Gerry with about 18000 and myself with about 6000. I double up when Gerry loosely calls my All in with K3. I have 99 and turn a set.
Then my prophecy on the Irish poker forum came true when I rivered Deco with JQs vs his pocket 2's. We split the money as there was not much in it and we wanted to get a third game in.

The final game was 9 handed as Peter had gone home. It looked like a repeat of the second as Gerry took an early lead knocking out his brother with AA vs AQ, however he lost his chips quickly this time. Joe had got some chips but made the fatal mistake of goading Sean snr and he took them off him in two well played hands and was in a commanding lead. I was steady in second but won a few pots against Sean snr who can be very hard to play when he has chips. The key hand came when down to Sean, Kev, Deco and myself. I had a good lead and next was Sean closely followed by Kev and then Deco. I am in the Big blind with 105 of spades. Blinds were 200/400 and Sean minimum raised under the gun. For him this means usually means a big pair and wants someone to come over the top. If he calls or raises big he could have literally anything but I have never seen him minimum raise with less than JJ. Folded to me and I decide to have a look at the flop getting 3 1/2 : 1 and even better implied odds. The Flop comes 10 5 8 rainbow. Nice. I bet 1000, I figure if he flat calls I am right about my read. He flat calls. Turn is a a 7. If he had called or raised bigger before the flop I would have been worried here as 46 or 96 could easily have been in his hand. I am also confident that he doesn't believe I have anything more than a 10 with a good kicker. I put him in for his last 2500 and he calls quickly. When I announce two pair he is rightly disgusted and flips over KK ! River is a 4 and he is the bubble. It took a while to convince that my preflop call wasn't that bad considering my chip position and odds both pot and implied. It also helped when I reminded him that he is probably the only other person at the table who would have also called in the same situation !

I made a mistake next hand as Deco moved in for 1200 and Kev then moved in for 3300. I had K3 of diamonds and made the mistake of thinking I could knock them both out with this powerhouse of a hand. I know if Tom Murphy is reading this he will agree that this is a mighty fine hand although not quite as powerful as the all conquering Q3 suited, his own destuctive weapon of a hand ! As it was both cards were live but Deco hit a J and took the main pot. Kev's AQ was good enough for the side. The next few pots were taken by Kev and Deco and by the time Deco finished of Kev we were even and it was 5am. We took €350 each and played a fun hand for the odd €50. I dealt us each 3 hands and we could choose which to play. It was then treated as an All in, who ever won would keep the €50. Just to ram home the prophecy, I made a straight on the river to beat his paired Ace and ended up driving home €500 up for the night but very down on sleep !

Tomorrow is the Irish forum tournie on Pokerstars and that will be it for poker until France on Tuesday.

I see some satellites are starting online for the WSOP so that will probably be my next goal. Unless of course the god of Po' kar shines on me and I win the EPT.