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Thursday, March 24, 2005

All systems go..

So I failed again to qualify for the Irish open online last night. I am not surprised, the loose play on Tribeca does not suit my game at all. I did not find any hands other than QQ twice. I double up with it in the rebuy and had to lay it down post flop in the freezeout section. I ended up making a move with 55. Now I called with this hand to a raise of 4000 from early position. Blinds were still 300/600 at this point but I only had just over 3000 left. I ended up in a race with K7. That just goes to show the standard of play. Who in their right mind raises such an amount from this position with this hand ? From the cut off or button I can understand, but can you really call a reraise with it ?

Anyway I am definately playing in the main event. I have been backed for part of the buy in by some people who have confidence in me. I was really very surprised at the amount of people who have offered to buy a % of me, most of whom I only know through this blog or Obviously I will be doing my utmost to give them a good return on the investment.

I will also be playing the €100 rebuy tomorrow night and the €150 rebuy on Sunday. There is a slim chance I may have a crack at the €500 tonight if I get there in time. It depends whether it is unlimited rebuys or a rebuy and top up. If I can double up early I won't be at much of a disadvantage if I don't top up.

Reports will be uploaded whenever possible. Blondepoker will be providing live updates on the forum.

Happy easter everyone. Don't eat too many eggs !