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Friday, March 25, 2005

Bubble Trouble !

I wandered down the M1, along the M50 and a little bit up the N7 to the Citywest hotel last night to check out the setting for the Irish Open. I half had a mind to play the €500 rebuy as long as it wasn't going to be a mad all in fest. I bumped into Joe Costello from the Friday home game at the door and as we entered I saw Thomas Kremser and enquired about the structure for tonights event.

5000 starting chips
Rebuys for 90 mins only when no chips left
45 min clock
3 blind structure

Not too bad says I and anted up the €550 and drew a seat.
Notables in the running :

Sean Fagan, Deco & Joe from the Friday game, plus cousin Anthony
Padraig P
Scott Grey
Peter Roche
Mick McCloskey
Alan Betson
Julian & Graham Thew
Julian Gardiner & Dave Gardiner
Mad Marty Wilson
Noel Furlong
Willie Tann
Paul Leckey
Tony ' Tikay' Kendall
Dave 'El Blondie' Colclough
Kevin O'connell
Rory Liffey
Carlo Citrone
Howard Plant
Stormin' Norman
Joe O'Neill
Liam Flood
George Geary
Rumit Somaya
Roy Brindley
John Shoreman
E O'dea

Plus a lot of other top Europeans and the best from the Fitz and Merrion.

My starting table was pretty tight early on, apart from when I raised the pot! Every time I had 3 callers and missed completely. I won a few later on, mostly with weak hands from the blinds which held up in pots checked to the river. My best hand pre freeze was 1010 and that was the first hand dealt to me !

As we entered the freezeout section Joe was in the best shape of the home game players with over 9000, everyone else was around starting chips. 133 players had paid in and they were only paying 13 places, a fact Thomas Kremser did not seem too happy with, but it was out of his control. €38,000 for first would have been nice.

As play resumed I started to make some progress, just before our table broke I was allowed to see a flop from one of the small blinds with K4 of hearts. Flop comes A106 all hearts. Yum. I check, big blind bets 600 into 800 pot. The other two in the hand fold. Here I raise to see where I am. He calls the extra 900. I now am sure he has trips or a lower flush. I forget the turn but it didn't pair the board and I bet half my stack and was called. No pair again on the river and I move my last 1000 or so in and get called. He never showed but said he flopped trips.

The table broke the very next hand and I was moved to a new table containing Sean and Noel Furlong to my right and 'The Brown Bomber' and Joe ' a blog reader' to my left.
The Brown Bomber had the biggest chips stack, Sean named so as he kept bombarding the pots with his brown 5000 chips. Apparently his play and hand selection were not the Mae West. He had sent Noel on tilt earlier, and then the whole table, Mad Russian's have a habit of doing that to you!

I started off wining a fair pot against Noel, I flopped top pair with K9 and called a bet on the flop and turn and raised on the river when no other cards above a 10 where showing with the King. Noel didn't take long to fold. A couple of hands later I picked up 99 and with 2 limpers I made it 3000 to go. Blinds were now 200,200,400. A guy from the Fitz, Dave, came back over the top after limping UTG. Mmmm. Big pocket pair. I was getting over 4:1 from the pot and had the chips to call and he duly turned over QQ. However, for the first time in ages I sucked out on an over pair. Flop came 9 10 J, No kings, Queens or eights saw me up to just over 20,000, well above average.

The Brown bomber then threw away his chips in two amazing pots. It was unbelievable. First he called off half his stack after the river left him playing the board. His Hand? - 9 3 . Then he called on the river again with AK after no aces or kings appeared. Nice donation, why couldn't I have been the recipient?

The table was broken and I moved to another. The only face I recognised was a guiy from the Fitz and Carlo. They both went out on the same hand. Carlo moved in with pocket 10's. Joe Rafferty, the table chip leader called and Fitz guy came over the top with AJ. Joe called after some thought and flipped up KK. A king on the flop and it was over.

David Lloyd joined the table as did Joe from my previous table. Nothing dramatic in the level, I moved in uncalled with JJ UTG and with QQ from the BB also uncalled. This kept my stack level although now below average. I was card dead for a while and chipped down to 14000 before I was moved to a new table.

Dave Colclough to my right, Tikay to my left along with chip leader Andy Black. Just at the right time I picked up KK in the big blind as Dave raised from the button with AK. They held up and I was back over 25,000. I lost all but 5000 to the other member of Blonde Poker when I couldn't get QQ to stand up against his AK.

All folded to me in the small blind. I put all my chips in with J4 off suit and Dave Lloyd passed but Andy Black called with 10 8 from the BB. Two Jacks on the board and I double up. I move in next hand with K7 and take down the 4000 blinds. Next hand I look down at KK. A raise to 6000 before me and lovely jubbly he calls with 77. No need to worry about the seven on the river as a king appears on the flop. A nice swing from 5000 to 34,000 in three hands.

We are now down to three tables and soon two as the shortstacks start to fall. Joe ends up about 20th. After a rush of cards I find I have gone card dead again. They are definately like buses! I find one spot to steal, otherwise the pots are opened by the bigger stacks and I do not have enough to make them lay a hand down.

As we hit 14 players I am the lowest stack with 21,000. I think it could be my day when Mika Pura clashes with Dave O'Niell and is left with 1500 chips. A few hands later he has 34,000! He should have been knocked out when all in vs 3 players but a numpty decided his Ace with very weak kicker was worth a bet on the turn. Marty folded a weak flush draw and Mika showed down a better Ace to quadruple up. I believe he then had Aces twice in a few hands.

Marty then became the shortest stack. He had loads of chips but a badly timed all in from the BB cost him half. 57 offsuit vs AA doesn't win often. He lost more when he made a flush vs a full house. He went all in with KQ vs 3 players, I could see his queen from standing behind him. Another value bet, on the river this time. When it was called I thought Marty must be gone, but no the other two had smaller pairs.

Meanwhile on the other table I found myself down to 13,000 with 4000 of it in the big blind and two more 2000 blinds to move through me. The levels were going up by the next time the blinds came round. I looked down and saw 66 and made my last stand when a small raise came from Dave Gardiner from the first small blind. I was happy enough when I saw K6. Only one overcard is about the best I could hope for. A king came early on the flop to put me out of my misery and into it so to speak! My second bubble in as many weeks ! Still the from is still good so my hopes are high for the big one on Saturday.

It was good to get used to the 3 blind structure, it creates a lot more action. It was also good to meet some more great players and readers of my blog. It is weird to find out players like Alan Betson and Scott Grey have read it. It is almost like a Leinster league player finding out Roy Keane reads his Blog! I cooled down in the bar listening to Mad Marty ( he exited the hand after me!) , Sean, Scott & Alan swapping tales and jokes, mostly jokes.

Sean played in a one table satellite for the main event and after saying he would come back and win it when forced all in from the big blind with his last 400, he did. He ended up beating John Shoremand heads up and now plays on Saturday for only €216. Nice one Sean.

Well it's back down tonight after 2 hours sleep to play the €100 rebuy. There may be a report tomorrow morning if I have time. Hopefully two bubbles is my lot for March.