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Monday, March 07, 2005

Game, set & more sets !

This weekend of poker I have seen more sets than you will ever find at Wimbledon. Unfortunately the vast majority have been held by another player with a lower pocket pair than mine !

After Kev sticking it to me on Friday night the run just went on & on. Actually thats a white lie, the first tournament I played on Saturday was the Irish open qualifier on Paddy Power. That was a tale of two races after I had quadrupled up early on. The quadruple up was a rare occasion I got slighty lucky. I had moved in with QQ during the rebuy period and found my self called in three spots. I was up against A10,K10 and JJ, so I had to avoid 8 cards 5 times, which means 40/45 times I need a Queen. I didn't get a queen but I avoided the other cards and was now in great chip position. The blinds go up faster on Tribeca sites than most so I still needed more chips to give myself some breathing space. A few hands later I found AKs and raised the pot. A guy with just over half my stack made a massive reraise all in. I fancy in this situation he has a small to medium pair and if I win this pot I am way out in tournament chip lead. Unfortunately I was correct, but he hit a 6 on the turn and I was back to just above average. I muddled my way through to the last two tables when I found JJ with two limpers before me I move in on the button. Blinds were 600/1200 by this point and I have about 9000 so it is about the last round I may have the chips to steal although I am happy with a race here. I wasn't too disappointed for the BB to wake up with AK, I was due for a race win. Alas I drowned in the river yet again so will need to try again next week.

Sunday was the day when sets really did for me. I played two FPP and one cash quailifier for Monte Carlo and in each I was outdone in massive or tournie ending pots when a lower pair hit a set against me. Each time I had made a reasonable preflop raise and had one caller who hit the set on thge flop. Each time I had an over pair to the flop and played it strong. KK vs QQ, KK vs 66 and QQ vs 1010.

I then entered the Pokerstars $215 tournamnent which got over 2500 runners for a first prize of over $100,000. Within a few hands I was tournament chip leader. I had QQ and raised 3x BB. Three callers and flop is Q34, two clubs. I make a pot sized bet and am reraised all in. Another guy calls the all in before it gets back to me. I know I am up against at least one flush draw but figure I have the nuts at the mo and outs should a club hit the turn so I call. The original reraiser has a K high flush draw and the other guy has JJ, not the best plays for a large freezeout. Anyway a 3 comes on the turn so I triple up almost to over 7000, and see my name on top of the leaderboard ! This didn't last long as I see a flop of Jxx from the BB, calling a 3X raise preflop. I check to the raiser who makes an overbet of the pot so I stick him all in figuring a bluff, he had already lost 1000 chips so could have been steaming a little. In fact he had QQ and hit a Q on the turn to leave me drawing dead and down to 5500, still healthy but not as ! I was moved table a couple of times in quick succession picking up 1010 & JJ along the way and losing a few chips when flops both contained two overcards and the post flop betting got heavy. I held at the 4000-5000 chip level for the next few levels, not finding any hands and only seeing flops when my blinds were not raised. Once the antes kicked in I made a few successful and a few unsuccesful steal attempts and still stayed around the same chip mark. I lost about 2000 chips when I raised on the button with KQs, I flopped the worlds fair and called an an all in bet for 1400 against a guy who had top pair. None of my 19 outs materialised. Shortly after I picked up AA and raised to 600, blinds still at 100/200 with 25 ante. One caller, flop 10 6 x. I bet the pot and pot committed call his reraise. He has 66, for the first time I remember I hit a 22.5:1 shot to outdraw him on the river when an Ace appears. I am then chipped away to 3000 when the blinds move up, one failed steal with A10 and some undefended blinds. I then get QQ and against the same guy flopped the 6's I raise, get called, bet a flop of undercards, bet the turn which is a blank, pot committed I call his reraise here for all my chips to find he has flopped a set of 10's and makes quads on the river !
I enter another tournie on Ultimate bet and in the second level manage to lose nearly all my stack with KK vs 22, another flopped set. The rest I lose with QQ vs 66 and you guessed it - another flopped set !
The only good result of the weekend was when after losing 1200 of my 1500 starting chips in the Irish Forum Tournie to another flopped set where I flop top two pair, I claw my way back and end up finishing 2nd. I win a few all ins here with AK, the only time all weekend, but never against a pair ! It was always a weaker Ace. I need to get my fitness up to win races ! I also managed two hours of playing two Omaha cash games winning slightly on both and also working off some of my Ultimate bonus money.

Without being bigheaded I think I am playing some good poker at the moment, I just keep running into big hands. I can see where some people think online poker is rigged after a weekend like this, however I know it is just how the cards run sometimes and if I keep playing like this I will get a run where the majority of hands hold up.

Plus I have built a shrine to PO'KAH and am offerinfg scarifices to it three times a day. If that doesn't work I will have to go searching for a four leafed clover.

Finally congratulations to Ben 'Milkybarkid' Grundy who texted me last night to let me know he had won a seat to Monte Carlo on Betfair - Jammy B'stard ! I am presuming the 5% I had of him in the Deaville €1000 event carries over to this one !