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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Getting there...

This weekends MTT's although not a resounding success, certainly do something for the confidence. From Friday through to Sunday I played 7, finshing in the money or at the final table of 6 of them.

First was the live €50 rebuy at the Fitz where we chopped most of the money 5 ways. I finished 5th officially when I suffered the worst outdraw ever when the Hammer was cracked by AK!

Saturday night I played the Irish open Qualifier and made the final table, finishing short of a seat when AK was beaten by AQ,

Sunday I played a freeroll Omaha H/L on VC whilst waitin for the Forum tourney to start. With over 100 runners I made it to third for $60 of free money.

In the Forum Tourney I came back from a low stack heads up to beat Imposter1 for my first win in this one. Only 14 runners, probably due to Liverpool vs Everton but still a MTT!

Later in the evening I played two Betfair MTT's. One a $20 affair with 82 runners. I finished 7th when A10 ran into the monster that is A9 - Some day someone will miss their low kicker against me ! The other was a 361 runner $10 event. I made it 22nd, once again crippled by two outdraws in succesive hands - AK vs A6 and JJ vs K7. K7 guy reraised me all in thinking my raise was a tilter! All in all these Betfair jobbies netted me about $100.

I am beginning to wonder what is worse, me getting married to AK or the other folk trying to take me off pots with Ax and getting lucky. I am due a run where AK holds up about 10 times in a row to make the amount of times it has cost me a good position. It does hold up for me occasionally, I won a big pot with it at the final table on Friday, but at the moment it is probably the most costly hand I play.

The Week Ahead

Well it is Irish Open week. Time to play a few against the big boys and see what happens. Still debating with myself whether to commit the extra money for the Main Event. I know I can cut it amongst the competition, but it is a lot of money to lose on the turn of a card. So far I have people who want to buy 20% which is halfway there to not having to dip into money previously taken out of the bankroll. There is still one more qualifier on Paddy Power, hopefully I can win a seat there. If not then I am definately playing the €100 rebuy on the Friday and the €150 rebuy on the Sunday. If I cash on the Friday then I am in on the Saturday.

There has been a lot of negativity about the Irish Open this year, particulary on The Hendon Mob Forum. Some of the comments are beyond belief. I did make a boob in my reply when I metioned the added money and that the EPT did no have any. This was of course incorrect and was taken as a knocking of the EPT which wasn't what I meant. Pokerstars and John Duthie put a lot of time and money to make it the event that all large buy in events should aspire to be like.

The two events are comparable though. The Irish open has a similar amount of added money - €20,000 to be exact and as Padraig Parkinson pointed out, Paddy Power have probably spent a lot more than that promoting the event. All the qualifiers online are partly subsidised by $300 a piece. The move out of the casino into a hotel is a good thing. Firstly it opens up the capacity to provide a bigger field. To be able to hold a big field in one room also makes for a better run tournamnent and a less cramped atmosphere. Yes, the locals will have to travel outside of town, but do they all really live in the city centre anyway ? Yes, the buy ins are more than usual, do you want to play against the best players for a big prize ? If you want smaller buy ins then the Fitzwilliam has an excellent festival on at the end of April, but don't expect the same kind of prize pools. The registration fee of the Main Event is also being criticised, but at €150 it is only 7 1/2% of the entry fee which is not excessive and can you really expect people to organise tournaments for you and make no money? Come on, live in the real world - poker is a business!
What astounds me most at the person complaining most - Mr Mark Strahan, runs one of the biggest rip off websites out there. £65 + delivery charge for WPT 2005 DVD's and only recently has he stopped charging people for access to his website which is just a collection of links. Pot calling the kettle black is a phrase that springs to mind.

Anyway rant over ! I'll be there all weekend anyway !