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Friday, March 04, 2005

How to commit Hari Kari in a poker tournament..

After losing my first round World cup of poker qualifier I decided to play a MTT on VC. In preparation for the Irish Open qualifier on Saturday I chose the $27 rebuy tournament along with 180+ others.
As usual I played it tight and waited for premium hands knowing with the looseness early on in these tournaments I was likely to get paid off. It took a while but in the last level before the rebuys ended I got KK three times. Once I only won the blinds with a raise, once I got one player all in and won, once I got two players all in and won. With the add on I was nicely positioned in the top 15 and ready to move up the leaderboard.
Before the second break I was chip leader with over 25,000 chips. I got the max out of a flopped set of sixes which turned into a boat. With pocket 7's I got someone to move all in on the turn on a board of 2456, he had 85. When I played A10 to a limper and the big blind with me in the small, the board came AKxJQ. I had bet it all the way and someone called all the way with A7 !
Then it I went a bit loopy. I had been playing well so far and proceeded to lose half my stack on a very badly played hand. I picked up JJ on the cut off and it was folded to me, I raised 3 * the big blind and would have been happy just to take them. The BB however was having none of it and called. The flop could not have been much better for pocket jacks - 1083 rainbow. When it was checked to me I decided for some inane reason just to bet half the pot. The BB had just over 20,000 at the start of the hand, only 5,000 less than me. When he called the bet I put him on maybe A10, although I thought if he had that a VC move here is usually to reraise, Also on VC overpairs tend to reraise here, as do flopped sets. This was my first mistake, you cannot generalise all players just by the site! He had just moved to our table so I had no idea of how he had got his chips. The second mistake was not thinking about what he had actually called with, I had just focused on what I thought he didn't have. I was right about what he didn't have. Trouble is if I had used this information to determine what he did have then I wouldnt have made 2 more 3200 called bets on the turn and river. The turn and river were A & Q. As soon as he just flat called my river bet I knew he had AK, even before his cards flipped up to show me !
Why did I only bet half the pot on the flop ? I figured I was ahead and for some stupid reason thought I would stay ahead ! I should have gone with the standard pot size bet here, if he is a good player he cannot call this with over cards. As it was I bet 1800 into a pot of 3900 giving him over 3:1 to hit an Ace or King which is just about right with 2 cards to come. If I think about this hand I still might give him the odds to call with AK and then move in when one doesnt appear but get away from it when it hits. As it was I just gifted him 6400 chips !
I managed to raise and reraise myself back up to 15,000 after dribbling some more chips away.
Then a player raises to 4000 from UTG, blinds are 400/800 and I am in the small blind with pocket 99's. I have seen this player move in and call all in's with 88 or lower pocket pairs and decide that he is at it. Can these players get good hands as well ? Of course they can, we all get them. What does he have ? - KK ! Oops ! As well as having KK, he had more chips than me, so in two rounds I went from chip leader to chip loser. And I have no-one to blame but myself.
In another tournament on Ultimate bet I reraise someone all in on the turn with 95 ! I have a flush draw and middle pair - my oppo has the nut flush draw and top pair - This was just after busting out of the other tournament and I didn't want to play any more poker.
This is where this blog benefits me most. I know I was stupid, but writing it down seems to work it out of the system. Look out home game players I will be on form tonight ! (Hope I don't regret writing that). Whether I win or not, I am gonna river Declan again, just for the craic !