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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I can't believe I did this...

After successfully wielding the mighty HAMMER in the boards online tournie then proceeding to lose a race with 88 vs AK, I had time to nip down the M1 to Dublin and try out the Double chance freezeout.

As tournament structures go, I like this one. 1500 chips to start and you can take another 1500 at any time up to the first break. I was able to leave the 1500 as an add on as I almost tripled up early on when QQ held up 3 way vs 1010 and 79s. I lost a couple of big pots with A10 vs A2 and QQ vs KK but was still ahead of the pack after the break. I proceeded to go card dead for about an hour, kepping my stack level with the odd steal. Then I did something I have never ever done in live poker before. I looked at my cards and reraised a substantial amount with AK. Pot committed I called all my chips to someone who had reraised me with 88. Fine, I thought, a race. Not so bad, could have been up against KK or AA. That is until I flip my cards and find my hand has magically changed to K4! Doh ! As it was AK would not have been enough, but I did hit a 4!

Sick at my mistake I joined the celebrity cash game and proceeded to build a nice stack. The celebrity in question was Steve Davis and a nice friendly chap he is. He had been knocked out of the Irish Masters by Stephen Hendry and also the freezeout by someone else. He was still there when I left at 2am dead even for the night and I thouight he was joking when he said he was staying to play all night and then catch the red-eye back to London.

What happened to my nice stack you may ask ? After playing solid for 2 hours I made a big mistake on a 300 euro pot. I made the nut straight with a wrap on the turn and when stormin Norman bet 25 into a pot that was already over a hundred I only raised 50 more. Norman passed but another older chap had called. There was a flush draw out, although that missed and the board paired. I felt obliged to call his 125 bet as I thought he maybe at it nand if I lost I was still even for the whole night. Of course he had called with two pair and filled up. It was a bad call but if I had correctly bet the pot I would have won over a 100 instead of losing 200+. I left then not wanting to tilt off the rest.

I can't remember the last time I played so bad. Bring back the bad beats, I can take them better !