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Saturday, March 19, 2005

I wasn't supposed to be there !

Friday night is home night. Well it is normally. Half way to Dublin I get a call from Sean Paul to let me know they don't have enough to play a game for various reasons. He says there may be some other players who may come but he would phone me back within 15 minutes to let me know. I decide to carry on an head to the Fitzwilliam if the game is off. I get no phone call so carry on to the Fitz and take a seat in the €50 Rebuy. Just as I take my seat a message comes through via text - 'Game on'. 'Ah well too late', I reply,'I'll phone when I'm knocked out'.

I never made that phone call as I was still sitting at the table in the Fitz at 4am.

The competition started off pretty dreadful. I had about 1200 left of my starting 2000 by the time the add on came. I won one pot just before the add on when I moved in UTG with AQ and took the blinds. The add on is 3000, you only get a rebuy or an addon so it is almost like a €100 double chance.

A few hands later I raise from late position with AJ frustrated at getting no cards. The button and Big Blind call. Flop is A rag rag with two diamonds. I bet out 800 into a 1200 pot and am raised to 3000 by the button. I have only seen him play a couple of hands and he had good cards in both and showed down a winner each time. I had to give him credit for a better kicker or two pair.

The cards failed to appear for the next hour or so and I was moved table with 2000 chips left. I came in near the button and was moved just as the blind was about to hit me into the button of another table! I played no hands until the blinds had moved through me. They were at 200/400 by now so I had 1400 left. A young guy (Owen from Wicklow) open the pot for 1500 in mid position and all folded to me. I looked down at JJ and threw in my 1400. For some reason he though it was a good idea to rob with 10 7 off suit and I doubled up.

I move table at least 3 times in the next few rounds and by the time the blinds are 400/800 I have dwindled down to 2100. I move in UTG+1 with Q8, the cards I was getting this was a monster! I am called by QJ. Oh dear. Not so, a lovely 8 on the flop and I have the most chips I have had all night - 5200!

Things start to look up when I am in a pot with Owen again with JJ vs his 77 and double through again. AA vs KK and I manage to cripple a guy, I finish him off with AJ vs J5. Then I take out Owen with A10 vs 1010. I had raised preflop and he flat called. Flop is all low clubs, I have the Ace. He checks and I put him all in. He calls and the jack of clubs hits on the turn.Some nights one person seems to have the beating of you, tonight I was that man for Owen.

We are down to 3 tables from the initial 97 players and I have gone from 2000 to 35000 chips in a round. Another table move as we hit 20 players and I have 40,000. My new table has John Paul who plays in the Forum tournies and Mark McMahon who is a friend of Catherines friend and has just won seats online to the Irish Open and the WSOP. John Paul runs JJ into KK. Mark and I make to the final table.

There was a bit of a mix up with out chips at this point. We went outside for a smoke to come back and find out chips moved for us. They didn't look right though, Mark had too many and me too little but apparently the stacks had not been mingled. We sort of worked out what each other should have had. I knew I had over 30,000 and settled on 32,000. Apparently it was out fault for not waiting until the new table had formed before having the break. Mark, fair play, still thought he had too many chips but we couldn't be sure and Luke was getting agitated by now so we left it at that.

The blinds by now had turned it into a crapshoot. 5000,1000 and the average was 54,000. It took a while to lose the first player. Lots of uncalled all ins. Eventually there were a few clashes and we were down to six. Mark was unlucky to run into Aces and was seventh. The guy with the Aces had exactly the same hand twice in a row - two black aces. It was the second one that accounted for Mark. I manage to knock out the 6th place finisher. he had lost a lot of his stack and he moved in on my big blind. Well I can't throw away AK suited here ! He had JJ and I had a flush draw going to the river but it was an Ace that sealed the deal.

Deal time. We all had pretty much equal stacks and with blinds now at 8000/15000 with an average stack of just under 100,000 we split most of the money equally. The original payout was €500 for 5th up to €3150 for 1st. We took €1000 each and paid from €200 to €600 extra depending on the actual finish. This created a lot more action and after a few all in confrontations the blinds were moved up to 10000,20000 with still 5 of us with nearly equal stacks but now if you lose your blinds it is 30% of your stack gone. I decided to make a move from the small blind with 'The HAMMER' ! I was horrendously outdrawn going in as a massive favourite against AK. I hit a deuce and a seven but two kings on the board meant it was goodnight.

Overall I was pleased to cash again in the Fitz but I am still of the opinion that these games can only be played for the social value due to the structures required to finish in one night. I also managed to put faces to a few other names who play in the forum tournie, notably Chris and Paul. Paul also made the final table and was still there when I left.