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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Irish Open Main Event

Yesterday was the big one. I was feeling confident that I was playing well enough to make a decent showing. My bubble on Thursday was disappointing but to get so far through a strong field was positive.

My table had no big players at it, however there were two tricky locals, Christy and Kevin. Kevin had made the final on Thursday and I had knocked him out of the final table at the Fitz the previous Friday.

I played a tight game early on, mainly because I was being dealt a load of rubbish and I am not inclined to bluff my chips off early. The first pot I played was with AK from the small blind. I raised to 250 and was called by the big blind. The flop was 8 9 10. Not great for me and I laid it down to a bet on the turn when a 7 came.

The next pot I played was with JJ from the small blind. I was the only caller to a raise by Kevin. I check called 400 on the flop and turn and when the river completed a board of 10 high rainbow I was surprised Kevin never bet again as he showed QQ. I feel I got way from this hand cheaply as I would have difficulty not calling bigger bets here.

JJ was dealt to me again in the big blind a round later and I called a raise from Tony Cooney who was sitting on my left. When he put out a bet just above the pot on a Queen high board with two spades I had him for AQ and pricing me out of a potential draw ( there was a 10 on the flop as well ). I laid down face up and he showed 7 2 ! I was not too bothered as it gave me a great tight image which I planned to use later on. My table was number 7 and unless I was moved to balance I would be here for a while.

I think my image helped me get some chips back a few hands later when I raised with 77 from the small blind and was called by the big. He bet the flop and turn for 500 each time, the intial raise of mine was to 250. The flop was J 3 5 all hearts, when he bet I could not give him a heart and when the turn and river were not hearts I bet 600. He folded after a long dwell.

I called a few raises with small pocket pairs but missed every time and two were multiway which were bet and raised post flop before action got to me. I was starting to fall behind average when I picked up AK UTG. I decided to play them like AA. I limped and got a raise from Yucel 'The Mad Turk'. His raise was to 900 and the blinds were still 75/75/150. I reraised to 2500 and was surprised to see him call. The flop came queen high and after a short think I decided to move all in for 5300 into a 5300 pot. He thought for a while before folding.

I won a few pots from position and made a peak of 12,000 chips. I kept them around 10,000 for 3 more levels until I dropped to 8000 during the 6th level. Blinds were now 200 200 400 so it was 800 a round. I was not in any real danger but the average chips were now twice what I had. I had picked up nothing for ages, in fact the two pairs of jacks were the best hands I saw all night. I then found AK suited UTG and made a raise to 1100. I was called only by one of the small blinds. When the flop came 6 5 3 two of my suit and he bet 2000, I decided to move all in over the top. I figured I had overcards and a flush draw if he called. I thought my table image would make him drop a small overpair or a TPTK. Unfortunately he had flopped a set of sixes and I missed my spade draw and that was the end of my tournament. 101st from 174 runners.

I could have easily folded to his bet but I wanted to start accumulating chips. With the blinds about to go up t0 300 300 600, I would have had only just over 5 rounds left if I folded. When he bet out I could not take him for a set and I had seen him bluff people out of pots a couple of times earlier. Obviously I am disappointed not to have gone deeper but I still think I played a good game.

I had a good time afterwards doing the reporting for Blonde Poker 's live updates as Tikay was still in the competition. Sean from the Friday game lasted a while longer than me but when short stacked he went out with 'F***ing Sh**e'. His words, not mine.

It was an enjoyable if unprofitable festival. There are some thing that need correcting before the next however.

Three times people came back after a break and chip race to find chips missing from their stacks. I recall this happening to Andy Bloch at the WPC last year.

The blind structure for the main event was a concern for a lot of players as it started to descend into a crapshoot compared to similar two day events. The clock could be increased to 1hr and the levels eased if an earlier start time was used.

Charging 2euro for a coffee stunk. As did the coffe itself.

The chips were too similar in colour, it cost Christy 4000 chips as he threw in a 5000 instead of a 1000.

There were however a lot more positives.

The venue was spacious, if a little cold.

Paddy Power were a great sponsor. Every night they ordered a rake of pizzas for everyone and also provided a chinese at 4.30 in the morning.

There were plenty of satellites to fit all budgets, from 2 tables to 1 table single hand shootouts.

Despite the higher buy ins the turnout was great, with plenty of top players and locals.

The Guinness was good.

And 7 out the final table, which is playing as I write, are Irish !