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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Is the Irish open not to be ?

I played in the Irish open qualifier on Paddy Power last night and after a shaky start I built up a good amount of chips. In the rebuy period I had AK beaten by AQ and also ran 1010 into JJ. I still managed to get up to 9600 including the top up. I worked that up to 50,000 by the final table and was sitting comfortably in 3rd position. A big call against the guy who outdrew me with AQ was instrumental in my chip increase, I had been waiting for him to bluff into me all night and finally got him calling with J10 on a 10 high board with a 3 flush on it. I have not been so confident in a call like that for a long time !
I also took some chips off Mick O'hara (culchie) when he minimum raised my blind and I called with Q5 offsuit and hit a set of queens on the flop. Obviously not paying enough attention to my blog Mick! This was almost exactly the same as the hand against The Camel in Deauville. I wish however I had set Mick all in and he had a hand to call as he came to back to bite me ! Twice !
I had raised my standard 3 times the blind UTG with 6 left holding AK. Mick obviously thought I was at it as he reraised all in for about 10,000 less than I had. For the second time in the night AQ outdrew my AK and I was down to 12,000 with the blinds coming at 800,1600. I probably was not low enough to justify moving in UTG with A6 suited but I was steaming a little. Anyway Culchie woke up with AQ again and I decide not to outdraw him :)
The other guy who outdrew me with AQ finished fourth and Culchie bubbled - so let this be a warning to you all - OUTDRAWING ME DOES NOT PAY! Only kidding, I wanted Culchie to win it but he ran QQ into a flop with AK and this left him short and then he was outdrawn himself with QJ vs Q7, two sevens hit the board.
After he was knocked out, Culchie phoned me to apologise about the hand which was a nice gesture, but unneccesary. I can't fault anybody making a move with AQ six-handed.
I am happy with the way I am playing and may use last nights win to finance an entry into the Irish open but I don't really want to add 900 euro of non bankroll money. Anybody who fancies a stake in me - 200 euro for 10% then let me know. I can't promise I won't get outdrawn though. With over 200 confirmed already 1st should pay over 140,000. 14,000 is not a bad return for 200!