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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Kevin 'The Doctor' Horgan

Last night I was murdered.

There is only one suspect. There are many witnesse's. It was a brutal crime. He must pay ! Beware if you see this man at a poker table. He shows no mercy. He takes no prisoners.
He must be stopped at all costs.

List of evidence.

All times approximate.

11.30 pm Friday 4th March.

The accused flops a set of 8's in a 4 way pot with victim who has raised preflop with JJ. After both blinds check the flop, the accused moves in for 3800 into a 2800 pot. The accused has never been seen before betting out into a pot with the best hand. Solid previous evidence shows this man to be a serial trapper. In fact he has several major convictions for this terrible crime. Throughout time master criminals have evolved. This evil man has obviously been influenced by some dark, dark thoughts. It is thought the victim, aware of this mans past, innocently called this bet expecting to be way ahead of A8 or one the many pairs that have missed this flop. Luckily the victim had enough chips to survive this vicious attack with only slightly less than average chips.

11.40 pm Friday 4th March

Not content with this solitary beating, the seemingly innocent looking Doctor raised from UTG. Zapped but still conscious victim fight back with an all in raise with a powerful looking KK. Innocent bystander, Mr Sean Paul Fagan, was caught up in this latest attack when he quite rightly put his last chips into the pot with AA. Showing no fear or remorse for his previous misdemeanors, the villian proceeds to call both victims with JJ. This creates a sidepot of just less than the average chips with the main victim. The hounds of Satan are clearly ruling this man as he hits a J on the turn to complete his massive robbery.

3am Saturday 5th March

Fully recovered despite having developed a nervouse disposition around hooded men with evil grins, our victim is again brutally attacked in a way totally in character with the previous pummellings. Again the accused is the same man. Brazen is the not the word to describe this man, it is too kind. The victim raises from under the gun 5 handed with a good stack of chips in front of him. Showing no respect, the sinister Doctor reraises all in with QQ. A few hands previously, the victim had almost made up for his initial beatings by calling an all in with JQ, facing A9 he was not too far behind, but alas the doctor lived to fight this battle. Seeing that the Doctor is holding a filthly hand, the victim has no hesitation in calling with his mighty pocket Kings. It seems that as well as having the fluffy white snowmen under his control and bribing the spineless knaves, the Doctor is chief pimp of the Queen whores and another one is duly found on the flop.

Again the Doctor finishes of his victim by having the brass neck to put the victim out of his misery by reraising on the flop holding a measly two pair to the stunned man's up and down straight flush draw. Not one of 15 reported outs came to the victims aide despite having two clear opportunities to help the man fighting for his life.

And to think this man benefitted from his crime by winning €500 for a first and subsequently €300 for a second.

Justice must be done ! The god of PO'KAH will see you get your come-uppance !


In all fairness Kev played a great game depsite being a spawny git. My call with the jacks was purely a playing the man decision I got wrong. The others - my time will come !
Other highlights
No brotherly love when Sean Paul called Declans raise and then bets on the turn and river holding AK, correctly assuming Declan had AQ or AJ and had missed too. he had AQ and was thoroughly disgusted with his siblings call !
I managed to fulfil my last post's prediction by rivering Declan. Not with my cards but when I was dealing. On the bubble he moves in blind on the button with K2 offsuit. He was called by Joe with pocket 4's. He was delighted when he saw a King and a deuce on the flop but sick when I turned over a 4 on the river !
The final hand of game 2 saw some justice dispensed on Kev ' outdraw ' Horgan when he was all in against Declan with K6 vs Declans K5. A 6 on the river did not win it for Kev as it made a straight for the Decodevil.
Deco also made a great call against Joe with pocket 3's on a board with 5 overcards. Apparently Joe never bluffs !