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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Live poker is rigged !

Well the hands I have played in cash games recently certainly come up to the standard that would bring the crys of 'FIX!'.

At the weekend I was playing in a NL cash game at Citywest and managed to build up a nice stack and then get it all in on the flop with KQ on a Q high flop. I was pretty sure I was ahead when I moved in, when he called I thought I had messed up. But no he had Q7, there was no back door flushes or straights available so he was looking at 3 sevens as outs. Sure enough it appeared on the river.

Last night I was in Dublin and ventured in the Fitz and sat down at the €50 PL Holdem/Omaha game along with half of the Irish poker forum.

I lose half my €150 buy in when Norman raises blind UTG and gets 3 callers before me. I call 'for value' with 6 4 offsuit. Flop comes 775 and Norman moves all in. Loose drunk guy calls. I decide to call to see the turn and it is a 3. Loose guy still has plenty and he had previously called an all in from Tom on the river with Q high so I moved in hoping for a side pot saver. After a long dwell he folded and I proudly flip over my straight and Stormin flips over his 55 !

Norman manages to flop another house and get paid about €400 from a couple of other players. One whom had flopped the lower house. Then he raises blind again and I call with A10 along with a couple of others. The flop comes A A 3 ! Surely I have him beat this time? No way jose! he turns over AK when we get it all in. This time an online 10 river doubles me back up to starting level.

A few hands later I manage to get two people all in with Broadway and a draw to the nut flush on the turn. No paired board and I am now up to €380.

I lose a bit here and there until I get into a hand with DapperGent. I have raised with AA74 double suited preflop and the flop comes Q44. Every body checks to me and I bet the pot. Everybody folds to Dapper who moves his chips in so fast I didn't even see it! He shows QQ and I say 'Uh Oh, I need an Ace then?'. Lovely jubbly a big black Ace of spades on the turn! - Sorry Dapper!

Just before I leave I lose a chunk of change to Tom. It was Omaha and I have QQA2, the A2 is diamonds and the board is 10 high with a straight draw but two diamonds. Tom has bet the pot which is €85. I am going to fold but Mark calls. Now I am getting 3:1 to hit any diamond or any queen, almost exactly what I need. Not quite but I figured I would get a little on the river if I hit. Of course I didn't and Tom left up with €700 from his initial €150 buy in. I left with €280 so I made a little profit.