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Saturday, March 12, 2005

The revenge of Mr Fagan

Do you ever notice how some days you just seem to give your chips to one person in particular all game long, no matter who had the best starting hand ? Last week it was Kev who was getting all my chips. This week it was Sean Snr.
Sean and I have developed a friendly rivalry in the home game and it always seems that one of us is trying to get one over on the other. A few weeks back I had knocked him out on the bubble when he tried to get fancy with a minimum raise UTG with KK. I had called with 10 5 suited and hit two pair on the flop and got all his chips in by the turn. At the time he was disgusted that I had played such muck. Last night he wanted his revenge.
He got it in the first game by taking me of a large pot when we were 4 handed. I had made a substantial preflop raise with A10s and he called from the Big Blind. There was over 6000 chips in the pot and the flop came J 5 5. He led out with 2500 and my first instinct was that he was at it and that I should have gone back over the top. Then I started second guessing myself. I thought as he knew I may do that he was setting me up, so still thinking I had the best hand I called. I also called the same size bet on the turn when another 5 fell. The river was a 2 which couldn't have helped so why did I fold to a 5000 bet on the river ? I am not sure. I still had the second highest chip count as I had double up through Sean Paul a few hands before when I flopped trip jacks from the big blind and came back over the top of his bet on the turn which unsually for the rock of gibraltar he called with 10 10 ! The real reason was he had me in two minds and when in two minds usually the best bet is to wait for another spot. It was his good psychological gameplay that had me in two minds in the first place so credit must go him for outplaying me. Had I called it would have been a split as he also had an A (with a 4!).
It was Sean Paul who finally got all my chips a while later. The blinds had started to rise and he and I were almost equal in chips with Kev really lowstacked. Sean had a massive chip lead. Sean Paul moved in UTG which I correctly interpreted as a weak ace. He had been minimum raising with big hands all night looking for action. It was A8 for him vs my AJ. Two hearts on the flop to match his two hearts, but it was the 8 on the turn that did me. Why did I not play sensible and fold until Kev got knocked out? 3rd paid €300 and I only got my money back as we paid 4 places as we allowed a few rebuys during the first few levels.

In the second game I went much earlier. I had lost a few chips here and there. One particular early pot I had Q9 and the flop came 9 high. I check-called Brendan all the way down. It was an unraised pot but he was in early postion. The board brought a possible straight but it was the 4 on the river which matched the 9 & 4 in his hand to win the pot ! My exit hand was where Sean Snr finally got to bust me. I came back over the top of his bet on the flop with an up and down straight draw and one overcard, a virtual coin flip. He made a call with second pair and none of my outs came so he has had his revenge !

In between games I had a couple of sit and go's on Party poker where I haven't played for a while. I have also played a couple of the steps $11 ones this morning. I came second in a $30 last night but failed to place in the other 3. What amazed me was that in total I saw ( unfortunately not all dealt to me ) Aces 18 times ! And they only got beat once ! This was amongst a plethora of KK's,QQ's and JJ's also. Sean Paul also had Aces 4 times last night and won with them every time ! Stevo was unfortunate to run his AK into AA and KK ! Not many outs there mate. For the first time in a while we saw two pokers in one night, Brian getting paid when he checked 4 9's on the river to Stevo who thought he was value betting a house and gladly called when Brian came back over the top. Declan, the King of bad beats, had another rough night but only ran into bigger hands. Kev is the new Rock, playing three hands voluntarily to make the money in the first game. Tripling up with Aces on the first hand he played helped !

This week you will find me mostly on Pokerstars trying to quailify for the WSOP in the Double Shootouts.