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Sunday, March 13, 2005

So close....

461 runners. Betfair satellite for WSOP 2005. 6 places paid. Where do I finish ? 7th !
How p**sed off am I?
In the end it came down to a 60/40. All the final tabled I had hovered between 6th and 7th and after a round or two with no clashes three people went out in quick succession. I had lost a 60/40 with A7 vs KQ just before which would have knocked a guy who eventually made it out.
The blinds had just gone through me and I had 54,000 left. The blinds were 8000/16000 with a 2000 ante so I needed to move soon. I couldn't see them playing against each other as they all had at least 100,000. I had QJ on the button and when it all passed to me I moved in. Unfortunately the chip leader woke up with AQ !
Nothing at all for 7th as the event was undersubscribed. 6 seats gtd, packages worth 12,000 plus hotel and prize pool was only 69150.
No bad beats along the way either for me or against me. It was my first tournie on this site and I think I may play more as it is easy to get paid off with a good hand.
Still there are many more qualifiers to go yet :} No more bubbles after 5 1/2 hrs of play please.