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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ultimate virgin

I finally got around to trying out Ultimate Bet tonight. I want to have a crack at the WPT in Aruba, Catherine needs another nice holiday !

My first impressions of the site were mixed. I think it looks good and the tournament structures seem very good. The interface could do with a bit of tweaking but I got used to it in the end.

I first started out in a $100+9 MTT which had a $10,000 gtd prize pool. It started with 119 players and you get 2500 chips. The blinds start off at 5/10 which is the lowest I have seen. The levels are also 15 minutes long so there is plenty of play. Even so nearly half the field was gone by the hour break. I have a feeling I may like playing tournaments here. The standard did not seem too much better than any other site I have played on. Two players getting All in Preflop on the second hand with AQ ofsuit and 77 !
Unfortunately I did not catch any cards early on. Not even anything worth getting in for 10 chips ! This meant that everyone folded when I picked up QQ in midposition and made a little raise. A few hands later I got the same and again evryone folded. I needed to loosen up and began to see some flops but missed by miles. My chips were dribbling away, a failed reraise post flop and more missed draws. I called a big raise with 88 and the flop brought me trips but with 3 hearts, a fourth and fifth lost me the pot ! As I was left with just over 1000 chips and the average was over 5000, I made a reraise all in with AK to find myself in a race with JJ. I hit a K but a J on the river and it was over ( no different to other sites then ! ).

I then entered a couple of STT's. One for $20 and one for $30. Key hands held up and I even flopped quad 9's and managed to get someone to move in on me on the turn ! I ended up winning both playing tight early and moving through the gears as people fell by the wayside. The structure in these is also the best I have seen online. Again you start with blinds of 5/10 with 10 min levels and 1000 start chips.

I think I am going to play here some more !