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Friday, March 18, 2005

Why I only bet the Gee Gees twice a year !

Yesterday was Paddy's day, I think! After a hearty fry up, Catherine and I headed down to the local at midday to meet up with our friends and celebrate all things Irish. In general terms this means drinking loads and dumping Paddy Power a few euro's on Cheltenham. This year was no different, after an each way second in the first race I managed to find the donkey in the next five! Baracouda cost me the most in the World Hurdle. Last year I backed Moscow Flyer, probably the only time he lost a race! By early evening we were drunk and home with a nice chinese. In between snoozes I was keeping tabs on The Milkybarkid progress in the EPT final in Monaco via the Blondepoker forum. Currently he is on track to be the first blogger to make a major final table. He has a comfortable stack and is in the last 38. I hope he makes it. Declan Barker, who lives in a town nearby me is also still in, maybe as it is Paddy's week he will win? Best of luck to the both of them, they both qualified online via different sites so any money finish is a nice profit.

I played another Irish open qualifier on Wednesday night but I couldn't get anything going, eventually going out in a war of the blinds. Luckily, I am having a good run in the STT's otherwise my bankroll would be taking a hit entering these and the WSOP satellites. I was struggling to sleep last night after all my napping in the evening so hangover already kicked in I had a go at a $33 Freezeout on Stars. No Joy there either, I finshed 241st out of 440 when AK was not enough to beat KQ. It was one of those annoying 'is poker rigged moments'. All the money was in preflop and the software froze temporarily after dealing the flop and then, like lightning, dealt a Queen on the river.

Over at the Irish Poker Forum there is an interesting debate going on about the clarity of privately organised poker tournaments. They are popping up all over the place and buy ins range from €20 - €250. What is concerning some people is that prizepools are being capped and also that there are no records kept of how many rebuys and top ups are taken. Some of these are for charity and in that case I can see that capping the prize pool is OK as long as it is clear that the rest of the money is going to the specified charity and that it is all accounted for. Some of the other tournaments though are guaranteeing a first prize and getting many more entrants than needed to pay it out but are not adjusting the prize correspondingly. This is disturbing.
I have looked into the costs of setting up a tournament and I am likely to run one in the near future. Whilst a private tournament cannot be run as cheaply as one in a card club where they make a lot of money from table games, there is no excuse for not being transparent with figures.
People are now suggesting that we set up a players association and produce a guideline for how we would like tournaments to be run. I see this as something that can only be positive for the future of poker in Ireland. Certainly one thing that will definately happen is that a guideline will be set up for tournaments advertised on the forum, although not having to comply, they will have to state whether they do or not. What we are looking for is clarity in the following:

1: How much of the prizepool is being taken for costs
2: Whether dealers are to be supplied or not
3: What is the blind structure
4: Who is the tournament director
5: Who is organising the event

I personally don't think that is too much to ask.