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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

World cup of poker

Last night I decided to have a crack at quailifying for the Irish team in The Pokerstars World Cup of poker.

It was an interesting format of heads up knockout competition. 41 players were in the running, some got byes into the next round due to the odd numbers, I was not one of them. My first match went on for about an hour, one of the longest. I had control most of the time although I was caught out at one point and was down to 200 chips from 1500 starting. My opponent was a typical tight weak player and constant betting and raising helped me chip back up and eventually overcome him. My second match was much the same and again I was caught out and had to come back from a low stack to win. Third game was over within 20 hands or so, I took a big lead after the first two hands and never let go. In the fourth game ( 8 players left ) I took a massive 22,000 to 2,000 chip lead very early and then proceeded to bluff it all away, although the call he made on the last hand with second pair on a flushing Ace high board took some believing ! My own fault for playing King high !
I will probaly give it another go on Thursday.

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