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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

WSOP Crazy !

Everyone seems to have gone WSOP crazy !
After a sickening bubble on Sunday night I thought I better get back into the water lest my taste for poker be spoiled. I felt worse about busting out in 7th than I did when I busted out of the EPT in 12th. Looking back I don't think I did too much wrong when it got to the final table. I was never in a safe qualifying position and in the end it came down to the cards. It was maybe a mistake to put pressure on one of the smaller stacks with only A7, especially when I had seen him call with very mediocre hands. I am not going to be a big favourite against him unless he has A2-A6. As it was he had KQ and when he makes two pair it puts me further down in the chip stacks. On the flipside had he folded or I won that hand then I was safe enough.
Anyway, I entered a $11 rebuy yesterday afternoon and without rebuying I was up amongst the chip leaders with 17,000 and only 2 minutes left of the rebuy period. There was only one other stack on my table over 3000 and he had 14000. I was dealt KK and came over the top of an early position raiser only for the other large stack to wake up with AA ! Back to the drawing board. AK next hand almost doubled me up and with the add on I was up to 7000+, just below average. I was only able to make this last until 34th out of 181 and out of the money.
Later in the evening I played a STT on Betfair, not noticing until it started that is was £30 not $30! Still I worked another shortstack through to 3rd to get a bit of profit back. I loaded up Pokerstars to set up the Boards tournament and had a quick look at the WSOP qualifiers. A double shootout was about to open for registration and after checking how many were getting seats from the turbo qualifier, I decided to try and get in. 46 seats were gone in the qualifier leaving 35 for people to snap up. And snap up they did. Before I had time to move my mouse over the confirmation of entry fee the tournie was full ! Then I noticed someone unregister and that seat was instantly filled. I waited with my finger over the register button and sure enough some one else unregistered and my reflexes were quick enough to get a seat. I am presuming these people unregistering were qualifiers who took the $T to use another time.
Unfortunately I did not play my best and a few stupid moves cost me dearly. The last being calling what looked like a bluff to me. Unraised preflop the board came 55AK2. I had AJ. I had called a bet on the flop and the turn and then the guy moved in just covering me on the river. As it was unraised and he had been raising a lot preflop I couldn't put him on a big Ace. He had voluntarily put money into the pot though. I figured he could have a mid pair or KQ/KJ. As it was he had limped with AK and anothe r chance at Vegas was gone.
This morning I got an email from Starluck casino, whom I had bonus whored a while back, letting me know they had credited my account with $5. I went straight to the BJ table and in 10 mins starting of with $1 bets and moving up to $5 and then $10 and after a couple of setbacks $25, I got it up to a nice $205. Then I remembered that BJ doesn't count for the wagering requirement so I took the $5 and blew it on some slots and now tommorrow I can cash out a free $200! Nice...