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Saturday, April 30, 2005

A quiet week

This week I have played almost no poker, the first time in ages and I actually feel better for it. I only played the Boards Omaha tournie and I did not fare too well in that. I flopped a house and NickyOD turned a bigger one!

One of the reasons I have not played is that I started playing World of Warcraft online. It is sooo addictive!

Well tonight I am off to play in the Fitzwilliam Festival's main event so hopefully a long tournament report will follow tomorrow....

Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Night to forget...

A welcome return last night to the Friday game. Or was it? I hadn't played in a while and I also brought along Dave AKA The Poker Gimp.

The first game started Ok when I won the first pot I played. Then the wheels came off. I called Steve's raise with KK out of position and on a Q high board managed to only lose half my stack when he showed AA. Check min-raising him on the turn and a small bet on the river saved my chips here as he was worried I was milking him when he called on the end!

Unfortunately the second time I ran into Aces I could not keep my chips. I reraised Declan all in with AK and met my doom. Dave was second out so not a good night for us.

Second game I built up a big stack with 5 left, having half the chips on the table. Suddenly my hands went dead and I was bleeding chips as the blinds started to get high. I managed to bubble when I put my last 10,000 in with A10 and ran into Sean's JJ.

Third game was more of the same. Within the first round I had two pair beaten by a flush and then I made a move with AJs and was called by A8o. No need to worry about a night with no sleep as the 8 came straight away on the flop.

I also had a last longer bet with Sean in the first game so it was not a great night profitwise!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Down & Down & Down & Up...

Strange day yesterday.

I moved up in limits online and tried out the $5/$10 on Pokerstars. Not sure if my bankroll is quite ready for this! I was playing steady and had bulit up a slight profit when I called a raise with JJ109 double suited. The flop was a beautiful J 7 2 rainbow. Preflop raiser bets the pot - Aces must be methinks, So I reraise all in. Of course I was right but he hit his two outer on the river to wipe me out. Thats Omaha.

Next stop was the £2/£5 at Betfair which looks pretty fishy. This time I lost my wad when I failed to spot if my opponent had a 2 and a 4 in his hand he would have a straight and I called thinking my trip Aces were good. Lesson learned. I rebought and got back to even on Betfair.

In the evening I had a meeting in Dublin which conveniently finished in time for the €100 freezeout. Well in time for me to play 8 hands! My downfall was started when I disbelieved Dave O'Callahan and called him all the way down on a 66546 board with JJ to find him with KK. I got the remainder in with 44 on a flop of 567 and was up against an AJ flush draw. Black Ace on the river sealed my fate and I was first out!

Whilst waiting for more dropouts to start the cash game I played a few hands of blackjack. I am currently reading 'Bringing down the house' so my interest in this game is rekindled. I won 10 hands in a row with two black jacks which was nice. Pity I am not much of a gambler as I only had €5 on each time.

I was called to the €50 Omaha only which was made up of a lot of the bigger game players. First hand I make a full house only to run into Quads - BUY IN! From then on things ran a bit smoother, obviously with the odd hiccup, it is Omaha after all! By the end of my session I had turned my 2nd €100 into €855 which was nice. Especially as most of the table could normally be found regularly in the bigger game.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


I went down to the Fitz last night to play the €50 rebuy. There was a smaller field than normal, seventy seven players took their seats including a couple of spare dealers.

The first pot I limped along with the whole table with a A8 suited and the flop had two of my suit plus a pair. I was the only one to call a bet of 200 and it was then checked down to the river where my ace was outkicked. This was really weak by me, but with everyone in the pot I expected him to have a 10 and that he was waiting to trap me!

The table was allowing a lot of limping, I did not have the cards to stop this but had a look at the flop a few times myself without hitting. With the blinds at 50/100 I got JJ and raised to 400 only to be called by Vernon. A 10 high flop looked safe enough so I bet out another 400 and was called. An Ace on the turn and I bet again, he calls again. The river was a rag so I moved in for 600, he had only 225 left and folded.

After he lost his remaining chips Neil took his rebuy chips off him with JJ!

I lost a little here and there including 600 to Neil when he flopped a boat and slowplayed allowing me to put in a small bet on the river with my measly underpair! Just before the break I picked up AQ and with only 1200 left in front of me and 3 limpers I moved in. Kevin decided to see if I was robbing with A10 and I doubled up.

With the add on I started with just over 6000 after the break which I thought was comfortable. I lost over a 1500 quite quickly in missed flops with hands such as KQs and J10s and then I looked down at QQ. I was in early position so I raised it to 1200 which was four times the big blind. I was called by one player in the small blind. He had slightly more chips than me. The flop was J high - all clubs. I had the Q of clubs. He bet 1500 into a pot of 2800. Assuming he would not lead out and bet with a flopped flush I moved in. Oops. He had thought that A3 suited was worthy of calling off a fifth of his stack with pre-flop. Well you want them to do that I suppose but it still hurts when they get lucky. Really I should have known he would not bet without a hand, I seen enough of his play. He had called 1000 preflop when blinds were 50/100 with 89s and called the rest when he flopped a flush draw.

I went down to the cash game though and had my best result in it so far. I bought into the €50 game for €160 and left with €686. So I made €416 profit on the night which is not too bad.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I love paddy power !

I really really really do! After another bubble finish in the boards tournie I decided to have a go at the $7,500 gtd. For the second time in a week I have won a multi on Paddy's. This time a for a very nice $2648.

Interesting hands:

Early in rebuy I move all in with 10 10 and get two callers I make quads on the river.

Later on I limp preflop with 88. Flop is 88J and someone moves all in in front of me! Quads twice in a tournament. I have not had them all year!

With a few position plays and blind steals those two pots got me to the final table with 30,000 chips. With 640,000 in play I was in 8th position and in no place to win. However I had a newbie to my left and he had the chip lead. I targetted him and doubled through him twice and stole many pots with nothing. Gradually players were knocked out and by the time there were 3 left I was on 75,000 with the other two on nearly 300,000 each. I got up to 110,000 before doubling through the seeming experienced american player when he did not believe my reraise post flop with AK. There was a king on the flop and he was drawing very thin with AJ! He eventually got his chips back through the newbie who was exceedingly generous at times. He knocked him out and had a 2:1 chip lead over me heads up. First hand I almost doubled up with AQ and took about 10 more hands to finish him off. The final hand I got him to move in when I was holding the 2nd nut flush and he was drawing dead.

During the whole tournament yet again I suffered no bad beats. I went in ahead every time I committed all my chips and was only beaten in a race once when my 88 lost to a shortstacks AK.

Current mood: Very happy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

€50 Double chance

A few more entries this week saw 44 players contesting this tournament. I doubled up early on through Tom when I made a bad post flop call after he reraised my reraise. I had thought he was re-stealing after losing the last pot. As it was he had flopped a set and I caught a higher set on the river. Sometimes you find that a player has a hold over another player whatever the cards and just seems to win any big clashes. This is the third tournie in a row I have won a large pot against Tom!
I picked up some more chips when a guy moved in and I was holding a set of tens which filled up on the river for both of us, my boat being bigger.

After the break I dumped 1500 chips to Marq chasing a flush draw before the table broke. All my 'be nice to see a flop with this' hands were missing and my stack was dwindling until I picked up JJ UTG. I raised 3x BB and all folded to the big blind who moved in for 250 more. I called and won against 99. The very next hand I picked up AA in the BB. It was raised UTG by Ken Cheah. I missed some value here as I moved in. I thought he was strong enough to call and also that after I had a big pair the previous hand he might not believe me this time. He folded quickly.

Nothing happened for me for the rest of my time on that table and I was moved to table 1 with 14 left. I had 5000 chips and as the blinds went up to 300,600 I found AK UTG. I am almost half average chips and go looking for a double up by moving in. A lady in the small blind takes an age before finally calling with 10 10. I cannot improve and my tournament is over.

I bought into the cash game and after playing for over an hour without winning or losing much I end up all in on a flop of KQ8 with two hearts. I have KKxx. The post flop raiser had been bluffing and held only a gutshot draw which he managed to hit on the river to send me back home with my tail between my legs! This I believe was karma for sucking out on Tom earlier!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Bubble boy no more !

My weekend of poker started with a 4th in a freezout on Paddy power on Friday for $80 profit. I played a WSOP steps on Party on Saturday and made it to level 2 before falling asleep and finishing in 5th to go back down to level 1. Later in the evening I kept finishing in 3rd or 4th and having a free go back at level 1. Eventually on Sunday I finished 6th and got $7!.

I played in the Boards tournament and the less said about that the better.

I then played a STT on Paddy Power whilst waiting for the $100 Freezeout to start. A 2nd in the STT was followed by my first online MTT win for a while ( Boards excluded ).

There were only 45 runners and as usual on Paddy's it was played like a rebuy. I sat tight and waited for hands and gradually I built an above average stack. Unusually I was involved in no bad beat hands all they way through the tournament. I won most of my chips without a showdown. As the blinds got bigger my aggression increased and my earlier tight image was rewarded. I never put my whole stack at risk throughout the tournament although I made a preflop call for most of my chips with JJ against an UTG raise from a player I suspected was at it, as he had lost a couple of big pots. He was and had 5 7 ! This put me in a commanding position although only 2rd in chips as the final table started.

I had the chip leader two to my left and he was reraising any steal attempts of his blinds. I changed my tactics and just called from the button and bet when it was checked to me. This seemed to work and the small blind nearly always came along so it was more profitable as well. A couple of times my rags actually hit the flop and I got paid.

Another key hand which gave me the chip lead with 4 left was a call of a loose players all in on the river. I had put him on a busted flush draw and I had paired my 7 with a 9 kicker. I would still have had just below average chips and my read was correct as he had overcards to a flush draw only.

I picked off another bluff to knock out the 4th place finisher with another river call with second pair. 3rd ran his KJ into my AQ, he hit a jack but I rivered a wheel. This was the only time I had to come from behind all tournie and I was ahead when the chips went in.

I started heads up with 55k to 35k and had him whittled down to less than 20k quite quickly betting and raising like a mad thing. He was folding or moving in and I knew it would just be a matter of time before I caught him. I made up the blinds with 97 suited and the flop came 9 5 2 with two of my suit. He moved all in and I called. His K 5 never improved and I was $1800 richer.

It just goes to show if you keep plugging away and doing everything right you will be rewarded.

Congratulations to Ben Grundy AKA The milky bar kid who won considerably more than me when finishing 3rd in the 750 pound main event at the Gutshot.

Friday, April 08, 2005

More bubbles than Fairy liquid...

Again, the 4th time in 4 weeks, I finished on the bubble. Well technically it wasn't the bubble but it was as good as. I was playing the Fitz freeroll and ended up 5th out of 120+. 1st & 2nd got tickets to the €385 main event at the festival and 3rd & 4th got €270 tickets. I got €60 credit! QQ vs AA battle of the blinds killed me off. I was the short stack anyway. Still I jumped into a cash game for an hour and made a €150 profit so it was not too bad a night. It was also good to see my hold over Tom Murphy is still good, Q 8 good enough to crush his AK at one point.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Same old story..

I had chips - I lost them ! On the bubble....

I was in Dublin for a meeting and ended up in the Fitz to play the 50euro double chance. There were only 37 runners so I fancied my chances. My starting table had only one player I knew sat at it, Graham Thew, younger brother of Julian. After a few hands it was clear who the calling stations were and who could be bluffed. I won a small pot from position with nothing to move straight up to 2000 chips from 1500 starting.

After dabbling in a few pots I found myself seeing a flop of 7 3 2 holding 7 3 from the small blind. The flop was checked and when an 8 appeared on the turn I bet 125 into a 200 pot. I was immediately raised to 400 so I moved back over the top and was called by A 8 and doubled up.

I won a few small pots to keep my stack steady and then saw a flop of 9 10 Q holding 9 10. It had been raised a small amount preflop and there were three of us in. A loose player bet out 200 to make 800 in the middle. I reraised to 1700 expecting to take it there and then. The only guy to act was a tight player and I didn't see him calling a raise from early position with KJ - WRONG! Any how he called and so did the original raiser. The turn brought me no help but I moved in anyway for my last 800. I was called by KJ and AJ and sucked out bigtime when a 10 came on the river to fill me up. Now I was a clear chip leader.

I took my stack up to just over 10,000 until the hand before the break when Graham raised to 300 from UTG. I put 5000 in which more than covered him with AK and he called with Queens. No help and I was back down to 7200, I had taken my extra chips by now but was still above average in chips.

After the break I worked it up to 9000 before the table broke and I was moved to table 2 where Tom Murphy and crazy Vernon sat. I was getting rubbish now and every time I folded a real garbage hand I saw flops come which would have scooped me massive pots!

Eventually I came into a pot from the button with QJ. It was a five way pot and over 1000 chips were in the middle preflop. I have dwindled down to 6850 after my call. The flop is Q Q 7 with two diamonds. Small blind bets 1200, Tom calls, the rest fold to me. I move in and the original bettor folds. Tom is now agonising over whether to call. He must have a flush draw. He did. It missed. I get a lot of chips. He goes out next hand.

I work it up to 17800 when 5 handed and playing for the final table bubble. I see a flop with 99 from the small blind. It is 345 with two clubs. Everyone is in so 4,000 lies out there. I move all in. For some reason Vernon has to think before calling with A2. Vernon is the only guy in the comp with more chips than me. Goodnight.

Stupid or not? A2 or 56 is the only hands I am worried about. The others would not limp with a pair higher than 9's. If I bet Vernon is likely to reraise with anything (he had the goods for a change). If I check I let someone hit a flush or 4 card straight or an overpair. I think I made the right move at the wrong time.

On a really stupid note I forgot to change the default setting on the Boards forum online game tonight and we ended up playing a limit tourney! I thought it was fun but I'm sure people are not best pleased with me! Sorry guys, Omaha High low next?

Monday, April 04, 2005

How to build a stack and lose it ...

Step 1 : Play premium hands and also capitalise on any sneaky hands you flop from the blinds to get ahead of the rest.

Step 2 : Increase you bugeoning supply of chips with controlled aggression

Step 3 : Lose it all when you put someone on the wrong hand and run into quads! (twice)

Who said poker was difficult?

I played two tournies last night. The first was the Boards end of month ( a week late ) which has double points for the league. I lost a third of my starting chips early and then began to rebuild winning small pots and then took out a player with 4 2 from the small blind. Flop was J 4 2 and after a reraising war it all went in with him holding KJ. I was finding hands that I could reraise with and was taking a lot of pots preflop. By the time we were down to one table I was holding double second places chips. I exited new blogger PokerGimp when he unadvertently ran into my rockets.
Down to 5 players and Ionapaul had managed to build a stack just short of mine when I raised into his BB. I had A10 and I put him on a mid pair or high Ace. I have him marked as a solid player. When the flop came A99, I thought I may be ahead and when he check called I reassessed and put him definately on AK or AQ. The turn killed me. It was a 10. Now I really thought I was ahead and when he checked I bet larger hoping it would look like a steal. I got what I expected when he re-raised. Lovely I thought and shoved them in. Oops. He flipped over K9 and made quads on the river.

Next I played the Betfair £7k gtd. Only 565 runners in this £10 event so a nice overlay. I played really tight early on and was rewarded when a couple of big hands came my way and I doubled up twice in the 5th level. Once I had chips and the blinds had increased I gradually increased my aggression and was accumulating chips nicely. I had well over twice the average when I again ran into Quads. This time it was all in preflop and I was holding QQ vs JJ. No messing, two knaves on the flop and I was badly dented.
I moved back up again, partly due to the rockets holding up again. I flopped sets twice from early position but did not make too much as both flops were suited and straightening and I have a strict no free cards policy in that situation. Unfortunately someone did not understand the policy third time around. On a flop of 10 8 6 I had 66. In early position I bet out the pot only to be called by a goon with 8 5 un suited. Turn was a 5 and it all went in. River was an 8. House over house and I am crippled again.
Back to building, this time taking chances with any hands where I have position in an unopened pot. I peak at 27,000 chips when down to 40 players but the blinds and antes on Betfair at this stage mean it is by no means safe. I am duty bound to call the extra 2000 when somebody moves in for 8000 and the Big blind is 6000 with 8000 in antes also in the middle. Of course my K3 is no good. I end up finishing 19th for £70 when all in from the big blind with 3 6 off suit.

Still I made a profit of over $100 on the night for about 5 hours work.