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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

€50 Double chance

A few more entries this week saw 44 players contesting this tournament. I doubled up early on through Tom when I made a bad post flop call after he reraised my reraise. I had thought he was re-stealing after losing the last pot. As it was he had flopped a set and I caught a higher set on the river. Sometimes you find that a player has a hold over another player whatever the cards and just seems to win any big clashes. This is the third tournie in a row I have won a large pot against Tom!
I picked up some more chips when a guy moved in and I was holding a set of tens which filled up on the river for both of us, my boat being bigger.

After the break I dumped 1500 chips to Marq chasing a flush draw before the table broke. All my 'be nice to see a flop with this' hands were missing and my stack was dwindling until I picked up JJ UTG. I raised 3x BB and all folded to the big blind who moved in for 250 more. I called and won against 99. The very next hand I picked up AA in the BB. It was raised UTG by Ken Cheah. I missed some value here as I moved in. I thought he was strong enough to call and also that after I had a big pair the previous hand he might not believe me this time. He folded quickly.

Nothing happened for me for the rest of my time on that table and I was moved to table 1 with 14 left. I had 5000 chips and as the blinds went up to 300,600 I found AK UTG. I am almost half average chips and go looking for a double up by moving in. A lady in the small blind takes an age before finally calling with 10 10. I cannot improve and my tournament is over.

I bought into the cash game and after playing for over an hour without winning or losing much I end up all in on a flop of KQ8 with two hearts. I have KKxx. The post flop raiser had been bluffing and held only a gutshot draw which he managed to hit on the river to send me back home with my tail between my legs! This I believe was karma for sucking out on Tom earlier!