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Monday, April 11, 2005

Bubble boy no more !

My weekend of poker started with a 4th in a freezout on Paddy power on Friday for $80 profit. I played a WSOP steps on Party on Saturday and made it to level 2 before falling asleep and finishing in 5th to go back down to level 1. Later in the evening I kept finishing in 3rd or 4th and having a free go back at level 1. Eventually on Sunday I finished 6th and got $7!.

I played in the Boards tournament and the less said about that the better.

I then played a STT on Paddy Power whilst waiting for the $100 Freezeout to start. A 2nd in the STT was followed by my first online MTT win for a while ( Boards excluded ).

There were only 45 runners and as usual on Paddy's it was played like a rebuy. I sat tight and waited for hands and gradually I built an above average stack. Unusually I was involved in no bad beat hands all they way through the tournament. I won most of my chips without a showdown. As the blinds got bigger my aggression increased and my earlier tight image was rewarded. I never put my whole stack at risk throughout the tournament although I made a preflop call for most of my chips with JJ against an UTG raise from a player I suspected was at it, as he had lost a couple of big pots. He was and had 5 7 ! This put me in a commanding position although only 2rd in chips as the final table started.

I had the chip leader two to my left and he was reraising any steal attempts of his blinds. I changed my tactics and just called from the button and bet when it was checked to me. This seemed to work and the small blind nearly always came along so it was more profitable as well. A couple of times my rags actually hit the flop and I got paid.

Another key hand which gave me the chip lead with 4 left was a call of a loose players all in on the river. I had put him on a busted flush draw and I had paired my 7 with a 9 kicker. I would still have had just below average chips and my read was correct as he had overcards to a flush draw only.

I picked off another bluff to knock out the 4th place finisher with another river call with second pair. 3rd ran his KJ into my AQ, he hit a jack but I rivered a wheel. This was the only time I had to come from behind all tournie and I was ahead when the chips went in.

I started heads up with 55k to 35k and had him whittled down to less than 20k quite quickly betting and raising like a mad thing. He was folding or moving in and I knew it would just be a matter of time before I caught him. I made up the blinds with 97 suited and the flop came 9 5 2 with two of my suit. He moved all in and I called. His K 5 never improved and I was $1800 richer.

It just goes to show if you keep plugging away and doing everything right you will be rewarded.

Congratulations to Ben Grundy AKA The milky bar kid who won considerably more than me when finishing 3rd in the 750 pound main event at the Gutshot.