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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Down & Down & Down & Up...

Strange day yesterday.

I moved up in limits online and tried out the $5/$10 on Pokerstars. Not sure if my bankroll is quite ready for this! I was playing steady and had bulit up a slight profit when I called a raise with JJ109 double suited. The flop was a beautiful J 7 2 rainbow. Preflop raiser bets the pot - Aces must be methinks, So I reraise all in. Of course I was right but he hit his two outer on the river to wipe me out. Thats Omaha.

Next stop was the £2/£5 at Betfair which looks pretty fishy. This time I lost my wad when I failed to spot if my opponent had a 2 and a 4 in his hand he would have a straight and I called thinking my trip Aces were good. Lesson learned. I rebought and got back to even on Betfair.

In the evening I had a meeting in Dublin which conveniently finished in time for the €100 freezeout. Well in time for me to play 8 hands! My downfall was started when I disbelieved Dave O'Callahan and called him all the way down on a 66546 board with JJ to find him with KK. I got the remainder in with 44 on a flop of 567 and was up against an AJ flush draw. Black Ace on the river sealed my fate and I was first out!

Whilst waiting for more dropouts to start the cash game I played a few hands of blackjack. I am currently reading 'Bringing down the house' so my interest in this game is rekindled. I won 10 hands in a row with two black jacks which was nice. Pity I am not much of a gambler as I only had €5 on each time.

I was called to the €50 Omaha only which was made up of a lot of the bigger game players. First hand I make a full house only to run into Quads - BUY IN! From then on things ran a bit smoother, obviously with the odd hiccup, it is Omaha after all! By the end of my session I had turned my 2nd €100 into €855 which was nice. Especially as most of the table could normally be found regularly in the bigger game.