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Monday, April 04, 2005

How to build a stack and lose it ...

Step 1 : Play premium hands and also capitalise on any sneaky hands you flop from the blinds to get ahead of the rest.

Step 2 : Increase you bugeoning supply of chips with controlled aggression

Step 3 : Lose it all when you put someone on the wrong hand and run into quads! (twice)

Who said poker was difficult?

I played two tournies last night. The first was the Boards end of month ( a week late ) which has double points for the league. I lost a third of my starting chips early and then began to rebuild winning small pots and then took out a player with 4 2 from the small blind. Flop was J 4 2 and after a reraising war it all went in with him holding KJ. I was finding hands that I could reraise with and was taking a lot of pots preflop. By the time we were down to one table I was holding double second places chips. I exited new blogger PokerGimp when he unadvertently ran into my rockets.
Down to 5 players and Ionapaul had managed to build a stack just short of mine when I raised into his BB. I had A10 and I put him on a mid pair or high Ace. I have him marked as a solid player. When the flop came A99, I thought I may be ahead and when he check called I reassessed and put him definately on AK or AQ. The turn killed me. It was a 10. Now I really thought I was ahead and when he checked I bet larger hoping it would look like a steal. I got what I expected when he re-raised. Lovely I thought and shoved them in. Oops. He flipped over K9 and made quads on the river.

Next I played the Betfair £7k gtd. Only 565 runners in this £10 event so a nice overlay. I played really tight early on and was rewarded when a couple of big hands came my way and I doubled up twice in the 5th level. Once I had chips and the blinds had increased I gradually increased my aggression and was accumulating chips nicely. I had well over twice the average when I again ran into Quads. This time it was all in preflop and I was holding QQ vs JJ. No messing, two knaves on the flop and I was badly dented.
I moved back up again, partly due to the rockets holding up again. I flopped sets twice from early position but did not make too much as both flops were suited and straightening and I have a strict no free cards policy in that situation. Unfortunately someone did not understand the policy third time around. On a flop of 10 8 6 I had 66. In early position I bet out the pot only to be called by a goon with 8 5 un suited. Turn was a 5 and it all went in. River was an 8. House over house and I am crippled again.
Back to building, this time taking chances with any hands where I have position in an unopened pot. I peak at 27,000 chips when down to 40 players but the blinds and antes on Betfair at this stage mean it is by no means safe. I am duty bound to call the extra 2000 when somebody moves in for 8000 and the Big blind is 6000 with 8000 in antes also in the middle. Of course my K3 is no good. I end up finishing 19th for £70 when all in from the big blind with 3 6 off suit.

Still I made a profit of over $100 on the night for about 5 hours work.