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Thursday, April 14, 2005

I love paddy power !

I really really really do! After another bubble finish in the boards tournie I decided to have a go at the $7,500 gtd. For the second time in a week I have won a multi on Paddy's. This time a for a very nice $2648.

Interesting hands:

Early in rebuy I move all in with 10 10 and get two callers I make quads on the river.

Later on I limp preflop with 88. Flop is 88J and someone moves all in in front of me! Quads twice in a tournament. I have not had them all year!

With a few position plays and blind steals those two pots got me to the final table with 30,000 chips. With 640,000 in play I was in 8th position and in no place to win. However I had a newbie to my left and he had the chip lead. I targetted him and doubled through him twice and stole many pots with nothing. Gradually players were knocked out and by the time there were 3 left I was on 75,000 with the other two on nearly 300,000 each. I got up to 110,000 before doubling through the seeming experienced american player when he did not believe my reraise post flop with AK. There was a king on the flop and he was drawing very thin with AJ! He eventually got his chips back through the newbie who was exceedingly generous at times. He knocked him out and had a 2:1 chip lead over me heads up. First hand I almost doubled up with AQ and took about 10 more hands to finish him off. The final hand I got him to move in when I was holding the 2nd nut flush and he was drawing dead.

During the whole tournament yet again I suffered no bad beats. I went in ahead every time I committed all my chips and was only beaten in a race once when my 88 lost to a shortstacks AK.

Current mood: Very happy.