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Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Night to forget...

A welcome return last night to the Friday game. Or was it? I hadn't played in a while and I also brought along Dave AKA The Poker Gimp.

The first game started Ok when I won the first pot I played. Then the wheels came off. I called Steve's raise with KK out of position and on a Q high board managed to only lose half my stack when he showed AA. Check min-raising him on the turn and a small bet on the river saved my chips here as he was worried I was milking him when he called on the end!

Unfortunately the second time I ran into Aces I could not keep my chips. I reraised Declan all in with AK and met my doom. Dave was second out so not a good night for us.

Second game I built up a big stack with 5 left, having half the chips on the table. Suddenly my hands went dead and I was bleeding chips as the blinds started to get high. I managed to bubble when I put my last 10,000 in with A10 and ran into Sean's JJ.

Third game was more of the same. Within the first round I had two pair beaten by a flush and then I made a move with AJs and was called by A8o. No need to worry about a night with no sleep as the 8 came straight away on the flop.

I also had a last longer bet with Sean in the first game so it was not a great night profitwise!