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Saturday, April 16, 2005


I went down to the Fitz last night to play the €50 rebuy. There was a smaller field than normal, seventy seven players took their seats including a couple of spare dealers.

The first pot I limped along with the whole table with a A8 suited and the flop had two of my suit plus a pair. I was the only one to call a bet of 200 and it was then checked down to the river where my ace was outkicked. This was really weak by me, but with everyone in the pot I expected him to have a 10 and that he was waiting to trap me!

The table was allowing a lot of limping, I did not have the cards to stop this but had a look at the flop a few times myself without hitting. With the blinds at 50/100 I got JJ and raised to 400 only to be called by Vernon. A 10 high flop looked safe enough so I bet out another 400 and was called. An Ace on the turn and I bet again, he calls again. The river was a rag so I moved in for 600, he had only 225 left and folded.

After he lost his remaining chips Neil took his rebuy chips off him with JJ!

I lost a little here and there including 600 to Neil when he flopped a boat and slowplayed allowing me to put in a small bet on the river with my measly underpair! Just before the break I picked up AQ and with only 1200 left in front of me and 3 limpers I moved in. Kevin decided to see if I was robbing with A10 and I doubled up.

With the add on I started with just over 6000 after the break which I thought was comfortable. I lost over a 1500 quite quickly in missed flops with hands such as KQs and J10s and then I looked down at QQ. I was in early position so I raised it to 1200 which was four times the big blind. I was called by one player in the small blind. He had slightly more chips than me. The flop was J high - all clubs. I had the Q of clubs. He bet 1500 into a pot of 2800. Assuming he would not lead out and bet with a flopped flush I moved in. Oops. He had thought that A3 suited was worthy of calling off a fifth of his stack with pre-flop. Well you want them to do that I suppose but it still hurts when they get lucky. Really I should have known he would not bet without a hand, I seen enough of his play. He had called 1000 preflop when blinds were 50/100 with 89s and called the rest when he flopped a flush draw.

I went down to the cash game though and had my best result in it so far. I bought into the €50 game for €160 and left with €686. So I made €416 profit on the night which is not too bad.