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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Same old story..

I had chips - I lost them ! On the bubble....

I was in Dublin for a meeting and ended up in the Fitz to play the 50euro double chance. There were only 37 runners so I fancied my chances. My starting table had only one player I knew sat at it, Graham Thew, younger brother of Julian. After a few hands it was clear who the calling stations were and who could be bluffed. I won a small pot from position with nothing to move straight up to 2000 chips from 1500 starting.

After dabbling in a few pots I found myself seeing a flop of 7 3 2 holding 7 3 from the small blind. The flop was checked and when an 8 appeared on the turn I bet 125 into a 200 pot. I was immediately raised to 400 so I moved back over the top and was called by A 8 and doubled up.

I won a few small pots to keep my stack steady and then saw a flop of 9 10 Q holding 9 10. It had been raised a small amount preflop and there were three of us in. A loose player bet out 200 to make 800 in the middle. I reraised to 1700 expecting to take it there and then. The only guy to act was a tight player and I didn't see him calling a raise from early position with KJ - WRONG! Any how he called and so did the original raiser. The turn brought me no help but I moved in anyway for my last 800. I was called by KJ and AJ and sucked out bigtime when a 10 came on the river to fill me up. Now I was a clear chip leader.

I took my stack up to just over 10,000 until the hand before the break when Graham raised to 300 from UTG. I put 5000 in which more than covered him with AK and he called with Queens. No help and I was back down to 7200, I had taken my extra chips by now but was still above average in chips.

After the break I worked it up to 9000 before the table broke and I was moved to table 2 where Tom Murphy and crazy Vernon sat. I was getting rubbish now and every time I folded a real garbage hand I saw flops come which would have scooped me massive pots!

Eventually I came into a pot from the button with QJ. It was a five way pot and over 1000 chips were in the middle preflop. I have dwindled down to 6850 after my call. The flop is Q Q 7 with two diamonds. Small blind bets 1200, Tom calls, the rest fold to me. I move in and the original bettor folds. Tom is now agonising over whether to call. He must have a flush draw. He did. It missed. I get a lot of chips. He goes out next hand.

I work it up to 17800 when 5 handed and playing for the final table bubble. I see a flop with 99 from the small blind. It is 345 with two clubs. Everyone is in so 4,000 lies out there. I move all in. For some reason Vernon has to think before calling with A2. Vernon is the only guy in the comp with more chips than me. Goodnight.

Stupid or not? A2 or 56 is the only hands I am worried about. The others would not limp with a pair higher than 9's. If I bet Vernon is likely to reraise with anything (he had the goods for a change). If I check I let someone hit a flush or 4 card straight or an overpair. I think I made the right move at the wrong time.

On a really stupid note I forgot to change the default setting on the Boards forum online game tonight and we ended up playing a limit tourney! I thought it was fun but I'm sure people are not best pleased with me! Sorry guys, Omaha High low next?