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Friday, May 06, 2005

Back on the Horse...

Over the last two weeks I have only played the Boards online tournies and the main event at the Fitzwilliam festival. Last night I decided to saddle up and play an online MTT. The break has done me good, I am back to laughing at any bad beats inflicted on me.

It was only a $5.50 rebuy on Pokerstars but the first prize was over $3000 as there was 659 runners so it was well worth shooting for.

As usual in these I immediately rebought. The first hand I got KK on the button, half the table was sitting out and I won the blinds with a small raise. From then on through out the rebuy I got nothing higher than Q10. I dribbled down to 1500 and rebought again. 2 mins before the end of the rebuy I am back down to 2000 chips and 2 players go all in before me. I have Q10 off and think 'what the hell' and call. AK & 1010 but I sucked out with a queen and now had 7500, a top up to 9500 and I am just over average at the first break.

The next hour I double up to 18,000. During this I raised with KK again, got one caller and flopped quads. I checked the flop and turn and he folded to my bet on the river. The other key hand was A10 suited where I flopped top pair and the nut flush draw. I end up all in vs the K high flush draw and won my biggest pot of the night.

The next hour I doubled up again to 40,000. I limped with KK UTG and got a raise from the Blig blind, I moved in and took a nice pot without a flop. I tried it again with the boots UTG and this time got no raisers and lost a small pot to a 4 flush. Then I found 10 10 in the big blind and the small blind raised into me. I flat called and for the second time I flopped quads. This time I got action on every street. I flat called until the river where I raised it up four times his bet. I should have moved in because he called instantly!

I upped my bet frequency as the blinds were getting high and won and lost about the same amount of pots. One key hand when down to 25,000 and 2000,4000 blinds I was in the big blind with 88 and reraised a mid position raiser. I won the race with AK after a K on the flop and an 8 on the river!

Down to 34 players and I have half the average chips with 60,000. I am in the Big blind with QQ and there is a raise from one of the chip leaders in mid postion. I move all in and he calls with A8o. An ace on the flop and I am 34th making a grand $40 profit for over 3 hours play!

However it was a 3 hours well spent as I am back happy with my game and did little wrong throughout the whole tournament. 'If it wasn't for bad luck...' as our favourite World Champion likes to say!