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Monday, May 02, 2005

The Fitz festival main event

This was a €385 double chance. I think some people thought is was a €20 rebuy. The play I saw was absolutely terrible. Unfortunately every instance of bad play I saw was rewarded.

My tournament started off with few premium hands just the odd smattering of small pairs and suited connectors. Early on at my table I saw that raises were not being respected so I just limped along with everyone else trying to hit a hand. I made two small pots and trickled my way down to 4000 of the 7000 starting chips. My biggest loss was when Harold, who eventually finished 6th turned a set of jacks, that only cost me 1500 chips. There was a guy who had frittered away half his starting chips in the first half an hour who called a raise with 2 4 suited from his big blind. He was up against two players and his call was 25% of his stack. The flop? A 3 5 of course. The initial raiser had A5 and the other caller AK, suffice to say he tripled up.

I was moved table after the break and moved back up to starting chips when I was the second caller of a steamers raise. I had J10s and a J high flop with two of my suit. I moved in for about the pot and they both folded. The steamer was steaming because he had raised without protecting his cards and the dealer only saw the callers chips and cards and accidentally mucked his hand! He went on to call IonaPaul's all in raise with QJ. Paul had AK and the steamer hit a Queen.

Shortly after this I found AA in the big blind. This was level five and blinds were 200/400. A lady raised to 1200 and the small blind called. With 2800 out there and 6000 in front of me I decided to go all in and take it there and then. The lady called so quick I thought she may have the other two Aces or at least KK. Wrong. I found a muppet who thought K10 was worth calling nearly all your stack with in the early stages of a tournament. Suffice to say a 10 on the flop and a King on the river ended my night early. For the first time in a live tournament I lost my cool a little and very loudly said ' How the F*** can you call for nearly all your chips with K10, nice hand!' and stormed off for a pint! I should be glad I found someone playing so bad as normally I would be in a good position after this hand but it hurt to get sucked out on in a decent tournament. I heard she later did something similar to a friend of mine. Please god let me drawn on her table again sometime soon....

Afterwards I had no luck in the cash game and blew off another couple of hundred, losing most when flopping a small house for someone to turn a bigger one. At least that pot went to someone I knew ! I gave up shortly after that and went for a few drinks.