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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Things are getting desperate when....

You think that because your big pairs are being beaten by 'inferior' hands that if you play an 'inferior' hand you will in due course beat somebody else's big pair.

Unfortunately the gods of Po'Kar do not work this way. Another attempt to qualify for the WSOP falls by the wayside mainly due to trying to get a big stack re-raising from the big blind with AQ and running into KK. I hit an Ace but a King was the first card on the flop! I had been playing a reasonably tight game up until then but as fate would have it I just made my move at the wrong time.

I also played my first round match in the Boards heads up championship. I was up against Oscar, who won a seat to the WSOP in a freeroll. The first match in a best of three went my way easily and the second was looking good when I picked up QQ and re-raised a substanstial amount pre-flop. Oscar called and the flop was 774. I put out another decent bet which was called also. When the turn was a 4 I moved in. Oscar had A4 so it was one all.
I moved into a 2:1 chip lead quickly in the second match and the 'fish' mistakenly thought AA was a good hand and got extremely lucky when I moved all in post flop with a flush and straight draw! Ah well I am busy at the moment so would have struggled to fit in the rest of the matches anyway :) Seriously though, well done to the king of dubious haircuts MK2 (Tom Murphy being MK1). He is certainly the type of player who with a smattering of fortune can go a long way in the big one.

On a side note to all readers in Ireland. Green Joker Poker is holding it's second €50 rebuy tournament next Thursday at The Europa Hotel in Drogheda. The last one paid out over €7000 and the pot is expected to be larger this time. It is also starting at the earlier time of 8.30PM.
The next one after that is booked for 16th June. A €25 rebuy this time.

Also watch this space for some exciting news about to hit the Irish Poker scene !!!