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Friday, May 27, 2005

An uneventful night of poker

At the last minute I made the decision to nip down the M1 to enter the end of month €270 game at the Fitz. Not sure if they had the upstairs back open, I called the Pokergimp to make sure I was registered and when I got there I found a smaller field than usual. 107 players turned up, numbers maybe affected by the Pokervents €250 game today the City West.

My opening table was a pretty standard mix. I had Ivan Donaghy to my left and also on the table were Dave (Biteme from and Joan. The first few pots I entered I won without showing my cards and was up to just under 7000 from 5000 starting. Joan was in most of the pots and when I bet out after flopping a small two pair from the small blind she raised back at me. I had her well covered and thought I had the best of it and that she was fed up of me betting at all the pots. I re-raised substantially. After a long thought (this made me almost sure I was ahead) she moved all in for a small amount more than my bet. I called expecting TPTK but was surprised to see she had flopped a set! This set me back to just over 3000.

I went card dead for a short while, Ivan busted when he moved in on the turn with a double belly buster which missed. Vernon joined the table and as usual was in every pot with every type of hand you can imagine. He took a chunk of change off Joe O'Neill when he called a raise with 10 2. Delusions of Dolly methinks.

The next hand I played, I raised with pocket 7's and was called by Joan. I bet out on the flop which was 7 high. The turn brought straight possibilities and I bet out another 1000 leaving me with 700 back. The river made four to a straight and when Joan checked to me I just showed my 7's which were ahead. This got me back up to over 5000. Just before the break I limped with 86s and it was raised from 400 to 1000. With the blinds and my bet also I was getting over 3:1 and called. The flop dropped 8 8 2. I bet 1050 and was called quickly. When a King came on the turn I put my last 2000+ in thinking he might put me on a bluff at the King. After a long thought he folded.

After that I think I only played 4 hands in over two hours. I almost doubled up knocking someone out with QQ vs 55 and I knocked Joe O'neill out with AKs vs 910s. I stole the blinds with 77 and AKs before moving all in for 7500 on the button with A2 and finding both blinds with AJ! 22nd place and just short of the money. It was a good atmosphere and I enjoyed myself and i think I did as well as I could with the hands and positions I found myself in.

Well done to Joe 'Not O'neill' or Joe 'The blog reader' who came in 4th for €2500. Poker gimp went out after me and Davey Devil just before me. Eoighn (probably spelt it wrong again - in future blogs will be known as 'Young O'dea') O'dea was also still in when I left. Kevin williamson was sat next to my left for most of the tournament and was playing solid poker. He has qualified for the World Series, best of luck to him along with all the other Irish qualifiers.

Tonight I may make it to the CityWest tournie and I am also in the Fitz bubble tournie tomorrow.

Stay Lucky

(sorry it wasn't up first thing Joe!)