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Friday, May 20, 2005

Where have I been?

This is the longest I have gone without posting on this blog. I am still alive! I just have not been playing too much poker and this is a poker blog.

Why am I not playing poker?

I am extremely busy at the moment. I have a new shop opening and also I am involved in a couple of poker related projects.

The first is organising tournaments locally. The first one I am just back from and for a debut I think it went quite well. It ended up starting late as everyone had to become a member of 'The Green Joker Poker club' and also we probably had a too late start time of 9pm. This meant we had to cut down the time of some of the levels to get finished on time. We also had to decide the last 3 positions based on chip counts. Everyone seemed to enjoy the tournament though whether they made the money or not. A fair few beers were consumed and the winner out of the 76 entrants went home €2500 richer with10 players making the money as the bubble was split.

Also I have been writing some articles for Paddy Power's poker room. They are online at the moment and can be found here and here. Admittedly these did not take too long and have been up for a while.

There is also another project happening which I cannot divulge at the moment.

I have found time for a little poker but have had no successes and I have already posted enough bad beat stories in the past. there was the odd hand I went in behind but mostly it has been a case of losing too many 70-90% shots.

Congrats to Ben Grundy for his deal with Betfair and also someone else I know is close to signing a deal.

Sad to hear Mark McMahon lost his second round match in the Worlds Heads Up, but I am sure he is having a great time otherwise over there.

Lastly thanks to all my blog readers who made to the tournie and I hope to see you there next time too! (June 2nd 8PM, The Europa Hotel, Drogheda).

Hopefully I will get to play a little more soon and get some more bad beats up on this blog.

Stay Lucky