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Monday, June 20, 2005 is alive !!! Luckyblinds blog is dead.

Ok, after a few painstaking months of work in between everything else that has been going on we finally have put Antes up live. The full content is not up yet, we need to get player profiles complete and the tournament schedule and cardroom directory is still under construction.

We have decided not to fill it with backdated news but anything new will be posted as it happens.

Once we get back from the WSOP things will start to be added to create a one stop site for Irish poker. There will also be a lot of stuff to interest non-irish players and our WSOP coverage will include all the well known players we can find amongst the masses. I know I have some US readers, so if you have a friend playing and want me to keep you updated then it is probably easiest if you tell them to tell the person in the Antesup garb that you are looking at our site for updates and we will keep you informed.

Tom and I are quite proud of what we have done so far but we would like to hear peoples views on the site, good or bad,. If you want to do it in public then add a comment here if in private then email me.

As far as 'Luckyblinds poker blog' goes, this is the end of the line. My blog will continue on Antes up under the original title of 'Mike's blog'. So far it has been a fun ride and I hope you will join me as Antes up takes it one step further.

Stay Lucky

Mike 'Luckyblind' Lacey