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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Headless chickens and mad muppets

Finally I get a chance to breathe and type up a blog for a change!

This has been one of those mad times where I have not had a minute for anything. I finally managed to get my second games store open in Dundalk on Friday. Thanks must go out to Tom Murphy for standing in at my Drogheda store for a few days with 5 seconds training. He developed a love/hate relationship with the till which may last forever.

We managed to get a good bit done for the new Antes Up site which will be launching very soon. Please note when it does my blog will be moving over to it. It should still have a feed for those of you that use an aggregator.

I managed to squeeze a game in at the Fitzwilliam on Wednesday and came 6th out of 53 for a €100 profit on the night. I made it to the final table with the lowest chips and by some strategic folding I managed to creep up 3 spots as people busted before I got my last chips in with KQ vs 66 and JJ. The 66 made a four flush to scoop.

My strategy was simple in this competition. During the rebuys I limped when ever possibe (which was not often, nearly all hands were all in pre-flop) and only play against raises with AQ/AK JJ-AA. I won every pot I played for more than the big blind except one which was four way and won by a pair of tens! I lowered my standards slightly post freezeout and built a nice stack with solid tight aggressive play.

I made one mistake which cost me half my chips with 20 players left. I raised on the button with KJ to 3700 and the big blind moved all in for 8800. The blinds were 800/1500 so I did a quick calcultion of the pot odds and decided to call getting over 2.5:1. I was up against AQ so it turned out mathematically correct but I think I should have folded and waited for a better spot. The player was solid and I knew I was behind.

There were some correct decisions I made such as folding 99 preflop shortly after the previously described hand. I had played with the tournie chip leader most of the night and he moved in under the gun. He had not moved all in as the first raiser all night and had also not hown down a big pair all night so I figured this must be how he played them. Another player decided to gamble with 33 and my read was right as he turned over QQ. However had I ignored my read on him I would have tripled up as a 9 appeared on the river.

This tournament has tremendous value for a half decent player as the standard of play early on is atrocious. On more than one occassion I saw someone raise 35* the blinds with rag Aces. It is a suckout fest because of this. I saw KK cracked 4 times by Ace-rag and Tom had AA cracked by some one calling for all their chips with a gutshot draw and hitting.

I have been keeping tabs on the WSOP so far and am getting very excited about being there to report on the action for the main event. Well done to Andy Black for getting so far in the short handed holdem and good luck to all the bloggers who are playing events. It is also good to see The Camel back blogging, a welcome return Keith, keep playing those heads up matches!

Finally for all you local readers, the next Green Joker Poker tournament is a €25 rebuy at the Europa Hotel nr Drogheda. Cards will be in the air at 9pm, I look forward to seeing you all there.